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End piracy, NOT Liberty!” that’s the campaign that Google and other web giants are leading against SOPA – the so-called stop online piracy act. Today, June 18, 2012 has been a massive day of opposition to the idea of the federal government shutting down freedom on the internet. Judge Napolitano wrote on facebook this morning “It’s called SOPA but if you actually read the bill, you’d feel dirty.” Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff talk about the massive online protest against SOPA that’s been happening – well….everywhere.

But it’s not just SOPA that’s getting a pushback. Last week we spent time highlighting the legislative tracking page – and in this show, we cover some of the many state-level nullification bills that have already been populating those maps. Maybe we should even nullify the NDAA?

Joining the show as a guest Lora Hubbel, a nullification supporter in the South Dakota state house of representatives! She faced massive opposition and attacks from both political parties last year for daring to introduce nullification bills. This year she’s working to put an end to Real ID and exploring ways to stop Health Insurance Mandates.

The federal government has twisted most of the founders’ constitution beyond recognition. One of the worst is in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3. Under the Obama-Bush-FDR-Santorum view of the Commerce clause, the federal government can “regulate” and control anything that moves – or even inactivity too. No government and no person can be trusted with this kind of power. States are pushing back on this, and closing out the show, we share some good news from Mike Maharrey on restoring the founders’ view of the Commerce clause…

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El Paso county in Colorado Passes Resolution Nullifying the National Defense Authorization Act
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SD Representative Lora Hubbel
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Michael Boldin, Nick Hankoff, John Michaels, Bryce Shonka, John Lambert

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