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One of the most important roles of the Tenth Amendment Center is to be the top source for news on tenther legislation introduced in states around the country – and to provide support for legislators ready to introduce more such bills. Joining Michael Boldin in this episode to go over this – and what YOU can do to be a part of it – Lesley Swann

Michael and Lesley spend some time to review our own website and particularly, the legislative tracking button at the top of the home page. They go over just what’s happening as the 2012 state legislative sessions get underway this month. And, they also go over some model legislation that’s ready to go in your state right now.

They discuss the idea that the Tenth Amendment Center has two main “arms” – education and activism, and cover some of the model legislation available to press for introduction in your state today. Our model legislation section has bills that cross the lines of the political spectrum and should appeal to all. You can pick these bills up, print them out and take them to your legislatures.

“The constitution is not about political parties, ideologies or politics in any way, it is about liberty.”

Stopping by as a guest instead of his normal co-host spot, Jason Rink. He joins the show to talk about progress on the Nullification Movie – which is being planned to premiere at CPAC in Washington DC in February.

“For over a century, people like you have been marching and protesting, and suing and voting bums out – only to get more and more bums and more and more reasons to march and protest and sue. Federal laws and regulations don’t get repealed – they change names or get expanded. In the last 2 decades the only real change has come through state resistance – and you need to play a part in that today. Closing the show tonight, I’ll talk about just what you can do today to help the people of your state stand up for the constitution – and liberty.”
–Michael Boldin

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Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Michaels, Bryce Shonka, Bernie LaForest

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