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Thank you for checking out Tenther Radio – live from the belly of the beast – in Washington DC for one of the biggest political conferences of the year – CPAC.

First of all, we wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to a few of the people who joined the Tenth Amendment Center as members recently – Paul in Arizona, Alain in Illinois, Robert in Nevada, Leslie in Washington and Debbie in New Mexico. THANK YOU – to each of you and everyone else who has joined us as members….welcome to our community!

Tonight, from a hotel room at the Marriott Wardman Park in DC, John Michaels – Tenther Radio producer extraordinaire – and Tenth Amendment Center events director is joined by our good friend, Jason Rink – We’ve got THREE big events happening this weekend in DC…and they give us a little insight on those…

From there, wetake you out to a special report and interview by Robert Scott Bell. He talks to a serious candidate for governor in Utah – Morgan Philpot. Recently Morgan made a bit of a splash when he said he’d stand up to the feds to the point of them having to come and try to arrest him while in office.. Robert has him on the line from Utah.

And also joining us here in DC are Mike Maharrey, TAC national communications director, and Nick Hankoff – youth movement leader, grassroots director, and tenther radio co-host. Nick’s spent the last couple years at CPAC doing outreach and he’ll give us a little insight on what’s in store the next couple days. Mike is doing a ton of media outreach during the event – and has done plenty in advance. They both give us a report on how these efforts are playing out.

“The government people in Washington DC hold the view that they can regulate and virtually control everything and anything that moves. Under the Founders’ Constitutional – instead of the twisted version that these politicians and judges alike have foisted upon us for decades – such view is not just wrong. It’s absurd – and dangerous. No person and no institution can be trusted with that kind of power. ”

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Nullification Movie Screening at CPAC
10th Amendment vs Centralized Power: Jefferson vs Obama event at CPAC
Morgan Philpot

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Robert Scott Bell, John Michaels, Nick Hankoff, Mike Maharrey, Jason Rink

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