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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann host this 40th episode of Tenther Radio!

A super exciting show – our very special guest this evening – Sheriff Richard Mack. He tells us a little about Constitutional Sheriffs – AND – a little preview of what he’s going to talk about as the morning keynote speaker at Nullify Now! Philadelphia.

Mack also has an important question for all sheriffs and police to answer – don’t miss the story he tells!

“the enforcement of stupid laws is the essence of tyranny…”

Live within driving distance of Philly? That includes you too, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware – Got plans on Saturday March 31st? Cancel them. Nullify Now! Philadelphia is going to be MUCH better – Robert Scott Bell, Sheriff Mack, Tom Woods – me. We’re going to rock the Tenther Message and educate hundreds on the fact that we the people need to learn how to exercise our rights whether they the government wants us to or not!

That’s – THIS weekend!

We’ve also got some news to report on – NDAA nullification in Arizona, Health Mandate Nullification in New Jersey – a phone call from Randal – and much more throughout the show tonight.

Nullify Now! Philadelphia
Arizona NDAA Action Alert
Health Mandate Nullification in New Jersey
American Revolution II Event in MO

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, Nick Hankoff, John Michaels

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