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Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff give updates on NDAA resistance in states around the country, share news on events in Missouri and Philly – and more.

Yesterday, the Tenth Amendment Center co-hosted a media conference call to update reporters on state and local resistance to the NDAA. One of the speakers, Green Party member, Progressive – Fairfax, CA town councilor – Larry Bragman – might have made the best statement possible on how to deal with the NDAA

“I think anybody who takes the oath of office in this country as an elected official has got to do what they can do to reverse, oppose and resist this bill, and that’s what we’re doing in Fairfax.”

Joining the show as a guest to talk about that media call – Blake Filippi, of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, and spokesman for the TAC during the event.

When asked about the states responses to the Fugitive Slave Acts, he mentioned, “The State of Rhode Island passed the personal liberty law, and essentially nullified the Fugitive Slave Act.  It forbade judges recognizing claims, it extended trial by jury, and provided habeas corpus to the slaves.”  He continued, “Massachusetts went so far that federal officials who took slaves through the Fugitive Slave Act called it kidnapping. ”

Filippi also pointed out how the Supreme Court supported the Fugitive Slave Acts, “The Dred Scott case decision passed basically said the black people are not citizens and don’t have any rights.”

When asked about the trends on nullifying the NDAA, Filippi responded, “I got to give my hats off to Cherokee County, Kansas.  They passed the Liberty Preservation Act in all three steps.  They told the military that is basically illegal for you to come in here and arrest and detain while pursuing 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA.”

When asked about what he thinks about the future of nullifying attempts of the NDAA, Fillippi answered, “I just see it growing.  The more states that passes just legimitzes the movement.  Other states will look at it and say, ‘Our sisters states just passed this, then okay.’ ”

Referring to how the Federal Government is a bully and when the states do stand up to them, Filippi said, “They have a spine of a jelly fish.”

Later in the show, Nick Hankoff discussed the his efforts to make his generation the Nullification Generation by speaking at events.  He mentioned during the show, “Nullification is a muscle that Constitutional theory grants us.  It is this muscle we have not used in a long time.

Closing out the show, Boldin is joined by Francisco Rodriguez who talks about his new project in Florida, Liberty Candidates 2012.

Rhode Island Liberty Coaltion
Rand Paul- supports NDAA Nullfication Efforts.  Letter to Gov of Virginia
10 Counties and Counting
State of Arizona NDAA bill
TAC’s Mike Maharrey will be teh keynot speaker at “The American Revolutions Part II” in Cape Girardeau, MO on April 14th.
Nullify Now! Philadelphia-  Among the guests are Sheriff Richard Mack, Thomas Woods, Robert Scott Bell and others!

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Nick Hankoff, John Michaels, John Lambert

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