UPDATE: The Arizona Senate passed HCR2004 16-14 the second time around 0n April 30.

HCR:2004 unfortunately failed to pass in the Senate on the third reading of April 24, 2012, with a vote of 14 “Ayes”, 14 “Nays”, and two who did not vote (Steve Gallardo and Frank Antenori). Supporters thought the bill was dead.

However, Senator Yarbrough (who voted no) put forth a motion to reconsider, and the motion carried. To view the vote detail, and to see the breakdown of who voted for or against HCR: 2004, please Click Here.

As Joel Poindexter wrote in the previous Tenth Amendment Center story Arizona Moves to Regain Sovereignty, “The proposed amendment, HCR:2004, is intended to reassert Arizona’s sovereignty as a state, and regain control over much of the state’s lands and resources. According to Section C. of the proposal: “The State of Arizona declares its sovereign and exclusive authority and jurisdiction over the air, water, public lands, minerals, wildlife and other natural resources within its boundaries….” The authors made exceptions for existing military posts, Indian reservations, and federal property, pursuant to the US constitution’s Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.”

Please take a minute and let the following sponsors of HCR2004 know that you appreciate their work in defending the Arizona people, and the State and Federal Constitution.

  • Chester Crandell (District 5) – House of Representatives, Phone: (602) 926-5409, Email Address: ccrandell@azleg.gov
  • Brenda Barton (District 5) – House of Representatives, Phone Number: (602) 926-4129,  Email Address: bbarton@azleg.gov
  • Sylvia Allen (District 5) – President Pro Tempore, Senate, Phone Number: (602) 926-5219, Email Address: sallen@azleg.gov

Continue to speak up!

Click Here for the member Roster of Arizona State Legislature. If you are a Tenther who lives in Arizona, you may want to let those who voted “No” that you are disappointed in their decision – and will be watching (and voting accordingly) to see how the “Reconsidering” of HCR:2004 is handled.

You may also wish to contact “The Arizona Republic” in regards to an April 18, 2012 opinion piece entitled State Senate should kill embarrassing bill. The writer stated that, “Arizona voters will face a lot of serious decisions on this year’s ballot. They shouldn’t have to waste time on an unconstitutional referendum that would seize federal land.” If you disagree, and would like to help educate on the issues from a Tenther perspective, Click Here to leave a comment or contact The Arizona Republic in regards to this article.

To continue monitoring the latest developments on HCR:2004, Click Here for the Bill Status Overview page.

CLICK HERE to track the status of similar 10th Amendment legislation around the country.


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