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In the copilot seat this week next to Michael Boldin is Nick Hankoff, live from the “fabulous downtown LA studios!”  Among the news they’ll cover are NDAA Nullification in Virginia, Health Care Nullification in Missouri and Sheriffs First in Arizona.

The Tenth Amendment Center and the LA County Republican Liberty Caucus are hosting Nullify the NDAA at the Standard in downtown LA.  Angela Keaton from will be speaking.

Catch the TAC’s communications director and new rising star at a couple events this month!  On April 14 he will be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri speaking at the American Revolution Part 2 and then on April 28 at the Republican Liberty Caucus of the South Carolina Convention.

Then Michael and Nick are joined by guests Mike Finger of the Free State Project and the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs; then talk to lifetime TAC member Mike Rogers a long time supporter and lead sponsor and logistics captain for Nullify Now New Hampshire last year.

From Michael Boldin:
“The more people you have of like minds and like viewpoints, the greater chance you have of being able to actually do something.” – (about the Free State Project)

“If you’ve got a governor with backbone you can really turn things around.”

From Nick Hankoff:
“Maybe they’ll recognize the proud tradition of the Principles of 1798 in Virginia once again.”

“Do you look for a rubber stamper [sheriff] who is going to do with the people in Washington DC tell him to do or one who will uphold the Constitution?”

From Mike Finger:
“The goal of the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs is to conceive of building yourself up as a form of activism.  Just by being successful and by being good communicators of the ideology they are able to carry the message forward.”

“Most families would rather you came out gay than you came out libertarian.”

“The [New Hampshire state] 2011 budget was cut by over 11%.”

From Mike Rogers:
“If the Federal government is top down it takes away from the people.”

“It’s definitely evolved, it’s become more polished.  You learn something new every time.” on Nullify Now

“I’ve been gradually evolving into more of a constitutional scholar for several years.  I’d evolved from a generic Republican to someone who believed that we need to take back control of the federal government.”

“I think the TSA is a perfect example of overreach, but I think the thing that is threatening the lives of Americans most … I think the EPA is the one thing that needs to be scaled back and closed down.”

Health Care Nullification Act passes MO House Committee
Sheriff’s First on Arizona Governor’s desk
Elk Park, PA – NDAA resolution – 11 and counting
Nullify the NDAA – Los Angeles Event
The American Revolution Part 2
The Republican Liberty Caucus of SC Convention
Free State Project
Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs
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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Nick Hankoff, Lesley Swann, John Michaels – plus guests Mike Finger and Mike Rogers

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