Kansas Representative O’Hara says that HR6021 (Opposition to NDAA) an important first step

In a hopeful attempt at interposition between the people of Kansas and the Federal Government, Chris Hong, wrote an April 25 article at L J World.com entitled “House committee looks at measure that advocates individual rights” that “The Veterans, Military and Homeland Security committee held a hearing on HR:6021, which opposes the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act signed by Pres. Obama. According to the resolution, the NDAA allows the ‘arrest, detention and rendition of American citizens without trial.’”

With a number of Kansans concerned that individual rights of Kansans (as well as those of people all across the United States) are under threat by the Federal Government’s NDAA measures – a reported “high number” of concerned people attended the hearing in the hopes of offering verbal support for HR:6021. In fact, it was stated that with testimony being limited to five minutes – it was still expected to require more than one session in order to hear everyone.

However, according to L J World, some leaders amongst the Kansas House believe that even if HR6021 should pass, the resolution wouldn’t have any effect on the Federal law.  “It’s just a statement,” said Rep. Mario Goico, R-Wichita.

“It doesn’t change anything other than make a statement on what the position of the House is.”

But the sponsor for HR:6021, Rep. Charlotte O’Hara, R-Overland Park, disagrees and believes the bill represents an important first step in opposing the NDAA.

“A whisper is better than nothing,” she said, explaining that she introduced the resolution because it is time “get back what the state’s and individual’s rights are in this country.” Citing Obamacare as an example, O’Hara stated that “As our federal government continually encroaches, we absolutely have to say no more…”

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