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In Los Angeles, Michael Boldin is joined in studio by Nick Hankoff, Jason Rink and John Michaels. They talk about mainstream media attacks, and the Nullify the NDAA event in LA on May 3rd.

Eddie Allen joins the show to talk about sound money and taking action yourself.

A new show segment – “Idiot Comments of the Week” – highlights recent feedback from the WSJ and on our facebook page – plus a little response to each.

Michael Boldin closes the show with a rebuttal to a neocon attack in the Washington Post.

Referring to the Wall Street Journal piece, Nick Hankoff chimed in, “They are against the left/right paradigm might work together at all.  They want bi-partisanship in Washington DC.  They don’t want actual real grass roots coalitions down working at the bottom.  The point is that they are hypercritical and contradictory in every single way.”

Guest- Eddie Allen:

Eddie Allen replied to Jason Rink’s wardrobe suggestions, “I don’t think I’m the night club stud that Jason Rink is.”

When asked about what is going on grass root about money, Allen replied, “I spoke this last year at the Utah Monetary Summit.  The message there is and the drum that I’m beating is that gradually that the elected employees move their state more in compliance with the US Constitution.”

Referring to people using gold and silver, Allen added, “They are utilizing  those to protect themselves to all the damage that is being done to the dollar.

When asked which is better between gold and silver, Allen answered, “In my personal opinion, I think there is a lot of upside to silver, and I am sure that gold is way under valued.”


Hankoff explained the differences between SOPA and CISPA by saying, “SOPA was the Stop Online Piracy Act.  CISPA is more about anti-terrorism.  Not necessarily anti-piracy, but anti-terrorism.”

Hankoff later added, “Your political speech is going to be judged as terrorism.  How close to terrorism is this speech?”

Jason Rink commented, “It is not hard to see where consumption of media on the internet is going.  It’s taking everything over.  People are going there as the primary go to source for information, news and opinion to be informed about things.  This is a dangerous precedent and not a road we want to go down.”

The conversation shifted from CISPA to the TSA.  Boldin referred to the criticism TAC receives from the Heritage Foundation, “They were talking about how some politician or somebody saw their 79 year old grandmother getting basically raped by the TSA, and they were disgusted.  The Heritage Foundation viewpoint is, ‘Well, we just need to reform it.’ I mean they will never go all the way and bring up the idea that we don’t want reform the TSA, it shouldn’t exist.”

The American Open Currency Standard
Virginia detainee law is dangerously unconstitutional
via The Washington Post Opinion Page
by David B. Rivkin and Charles B. Stemson:
The Tea Party’s Inner ACLU
Virginia Delegate Marshall Urges Other State Legislators to enact Anti-NDAA Bills
On May 3, Nullify NDAA- LA is a FREE event that TAC is co-hosting with the LA County RLC  in conjunction with Oath Keepers California.  Sponsored by, the Free State Project and more.
            Five Days
Detroit Doesn’t Need More Federal Money by Tad DeHaven
CISPA is the New SOPA

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Nick Hankoff, Jason Rink, John Michaels, John Lambert – plus guest Eddie Allen

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