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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann talk about local and state governments standing up to reject federal power. They welcome PA constable Ed Quiggle who has signed a resolution promising his office will interpose against the Feds on NDAA and the Patriot Act.

In the news, NJ decided that despite a federal ban, sports betting will be allowed in the state. Governor Christie, in his blunt way, says that if they want to try and stop NJ, go ahead and try and stop them.

Next week is hemp history week, and Lesley is working on a post highlighting the issue and the TAC’s Hemp Freedom Act as well.

The Arizona Nullification initiative already has 1/2 the signatures it needs to qualify for November’s ballot!

Ed Quiggle joins us late in the show to talk about his stance against the Patriot Act and NDAA. Quiggle, the elected Constable for the City of Sunbury’s 9th Ward, signed a resolution in opposition to the NDAA. The resolution states that his office will refuse to comply with any requests the Federal Government makes in support of either NDAA or Patriot. …including assistance serving warrants, transferring prisoners, and the like.

Closing the show, Boldin shares a special message on judicial tyranny from North Carolina TAC coordinator, William Kennedy.

New Jersey to Defy Feds on Gambling laws
Arizona Nullification Initiative Making headway

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, Derek Sheriff, and Bernie LaForest

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