The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about a single man who embodies the ideas we all believe in…it is about all of us who believe in the ideas of Liberty. It’s about finding one another where we live, closest to our homes, families, communities, cities, counties and states to move into positions of power and of leadership and influence. The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about getting the right President, now it’s about the right Mayor and city councilmen/women. It’s about thinking multi-generationally right wehre we live, like man we all have adored for his steadfastness despite not seeing all of it come to fruition in his time as an elected official.

It’s about electing a Constitution Sheriff in your county and MINE! It’s about removing fderal strangleholds on our local businesses and protecting property rights of individuals from the abuse of corporatism. It’s about Constitutional money at the state level. It’s no longer about being an “American” for Liberty, but a Floridian (my home state) and a Georgian and an Alaskan and a Texan for Liberty.

The movement MUST move from there (D.C.) to here (your home town and state) and from “back then” (1776) to right now.

In Florida, we have started Liberty Take Over for the specific purpose of electing Liberty candidates to the most local and state-wide positions we can throughout Florida.

How are we are doing with our goal of electing Liberty Candidates:

– We have almost 20 candidates, currently, after just starting in March.

– We are Organizing by Precinct. Our “Restore the Precinct” in order to Restore the Republic plan is just getting underway.

– We are finding more local, Liberty Candidates from every political party.

– We have set-up “buy a precinct” programs for those who want to give a little or a lot to our candidate. Kind of reminds you of the “Super Brochure” program, huh?

– We are thinking multi-generationally. We are asking for people who want to run for any office from now until 2020 to let us know and begin doing that which will allow for victory 2 year, 5 years and 8 years down the road. We need to prepare them now for becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Please begin the process of restoring your precinct, your city, your county and state. Only then, can we ever hope to Restore the Republic.

And even if the US does go bankrupt, who do you want to know when this happens. Well, for me, I want to know all of you who are in my state so we can rebuild, on a strong foundation of Freedom, the place we call home. and sign-up for Liberty Take Over Emails here:

Francisco Rodriguez

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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