I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the issue of the upcoming election.  We are not an actual political organization here at the Tenth Amendment Center, per se’, but one thing I do think about is what has become of our Republic.  We are pursuing the means (nullification) we believe will result in the highest likelihood of a restoration of the Republic, as envisioned by the Founders themselves.  Still, I’d like to weigh in on a subject that I believe gets very little attention.  The two-party system.

Now… I don’t really believe in the two-party system, because I believe that it presents the country with a succession of very bad choices which progressively become worse and worse as time goes on. For those who do believe in a two-party system, however, perhaps some proverbial fat to chew on: What do those two parties have to stand for?  That is, if all the choices society wants a say in are encompassed in those two parties, which one is the small government, and which is for big government?  Which is for morality? And if one is for morality, is the other for immorality?  Do all of the immoral people have a “duty” to vote for the immoral candidate?  How about the candidates in favor of conscription (the Draft)?  And my wife might like to know which candidate represents people who like Carrot Cake!?

I ask these admittedly silly questions to bring to light to the idea of maintaining our freedoms. If we are to prevent government from growing progressively larger and more oppressive, we need to be able to vote for a “small government” candidate. He would presumably come from a small “government” party, so.. which party is that party today?  The majority of people would no doubt say that the Republican party is the “party of small government,” but are they?  If they are to remain the party of small government, don’t they need to put forward actual small government candidates from time to time?! Who here thinks Romney is the candidate of small government? PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!!!

I have contended, and continue to maintain, that no single election is worth delaying the arrival of that small government party!  To bring about that event, the party of small government needs to lose -and lose badly- whenever they put forward a ‘huge government’ candidate, such as Mitt Romney.  Thing is, we know who Democrats are…they believe in a federal solution to every life ‘problem.’  We should expect them to behave as they have.  Republicans however purport to believe in the individual, thus we should not expect them to put forward policies such as Socialized Healthcare!  We should not expect them to support continuing government redistribution programs, nor should we expect them to push plans to add new taxes.  In short, we should expect them to do exactly the opposite of what we have actually been getting.  Republicans should be eliminating federal agencies, not adding them. They should be opposing auto bailouts, not going around Congress to enact them via executive slush funds (TARP). They should be allowing reckless banks to go bankrupt, not bailing them out with trillion-dollar slush funds from D.C.  (But if you listen to them talk, or if you place stock in the talking heads that appear on our idiot boxes during the news hours, you would think that they actually shrink the leviathan! Don’t believe it).

The party establishment says you have a duty to vote for a Major Party Candidate to prevent the other party from getting into power.  So what duty do you owe to your country?  If you are voting for Romney simply to keep Obama out of a 2nd term, then who is voting to keep America free?  Most of the issues Obama has pursued have been continuations of Bush’s policies (which, consequently, have been continuations of Clinton’s policies).  I would contend that the major parties never address the real issues that desperately need addressing!  They are simply pitting abortion rights against gay marriage. They divide us along the wedge  issues that should be left to individual states, so they can keep somebody who wont rock the boat in power for another 4 years.

Think about this: What were the issues that Obama was elected to address?  (No, seriously.. er.. metaphorically speaking).. *End the wars *Close GITMO  *Cut the deficit  *Repeal the patriot act… How many of those issues have been resolved?  They are exactly where they were 4 years ago!  And I could ask the same question of GWB supporters (different issues, but invariably the same results).  What result has your vote against the Republicrat created?  Have the policies you voted against stopped- or are they now being done in your name!?  Your vote does not belong to a party, it belongs to you! And when you vote for somebody, you’re giving them permission to continue the policies of the past!  Only a political novice would expect Romney to do anything differently than Obama, and only a fool would expect Obama to change.  The only thing for a lover of liberty to do, would be to vote for a 3rd Party- or a write in.

If you believe in the two-party system, and you believe in liberty… it is incumbent upon you to ensure that there is a small government party.  The only way to do this is to make sure that the big government candidate running on the “small government” ticket is defeated!  Otherwise, you will continue the cycle. Many people know this, but few have the guts to put it in writing, while still others just haven’t thought about it enough.  This election is said to be the most important election of our lifetimes.  I have yet to vote in an election that was not the most important election of ‘our’ lifetime.  That is because we continue to elect huge government “conservatives.”  Next election will be more important still, so I ask you…

When should we make our stand?  When will we be in a better position to do it?  Will we be better prepared to repel the liberals in the small government movement in the next election, after we have endured another 4 years of oppression? And we will have the Republican establishment backing an incumbent!?  Don’t make me laugh..  Come November, I hope you will ask yourself what you are accomplishing by giving the Republicrat party another term of office, and ask yourself if the questions you are asking yourself right now will be easier to answer in 2016?

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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