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Michael Boldin and John Lambert lead the charge on Tenther Radio this week for the 56th episode. Michael’s nephews Trent and Pierce Boldin happened to be in studio and Pierce popped in on the mic to say “Hi,” to all you Tenthers.

Lambert has been working behind the scenes for a long time but tonight was his first time co-hosting.

Boldin shared the happy news that Jason Rink’s film Nullification: The Rightful Remedy won the award for Best Feature Length Documentary at FreedomFest in Las Vegas. Tomorrow in Newbury Park, the Thousand Oaks Tea Party will be hosting a free screening of the film with special guest Michael Boldin.

Lambert is not much of a fan of Texas Governor Rick Perry, but he gave him some credit for telling the federal government he will not participate in Obamacare, refusing to expand Medicaid or implement exchanges. Cassandra Anderson blogged about it here.

Boldin mentions the Tenther activists in New Jersey who know that just because a Governor is standing up now, doesn’t mean “everything is fine” and are pushing the Federal Health Care Nullification Act.

The show’s guest was Dan Johnson, founder of People Against the NDAA or PANDA. After seeing a video on YouTube about the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, “I just got mad,” he explained. Now he is “focusing the laser” at where Action Alerts are bringing coalitions together around the vital issue of government sanctioned kidnapping.

This blog reporter, Nick Hankoff, joined the show sharing concerns, questions and observations of Tenthers. Via email, facebook and the chatroom, it is clear that the movement is asking smart questions and taking responsibility back and away from Washington, D.C.

Michael Boldin closed the show with a rant that asked, “Is it possible to love America and hate her policies at the same time?” He has received emails telling him to leave the country. Will he?! Listen to the archive and find out!

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, John Lambert, Nick Hankoff and John Michaels

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