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Joining Michael Boldin tonight on Tenther Radio is co-host, Lesley Swann.  She starts the news segment detailing some of her health issues and how Robert Scott Bell has been a positive influence on her.  Lesley will be a guest on Bell’s show on 7/20/12.

Then, Michael and Lesley discuss NDAA nullification efforts in Michigan.  Also, they cover Oregon’s ballot question that amounts to nullification of Hemp and Marijuana in November of 2012. 

Joining the show tonight as special guest is TAC’s own Mike Maharrey.

Maharrey discussed how the Republican Party at its origins, was the party of nullification.  He explained, “The Republican Party was in fact born in Wisconsin and it all flowed out of the Joshua Glover incident…and this set off seven years of legal wrangling as the federal government tried to prosecute those who helped this citizen of Wisconsin escape.  And during that period of time, it really galvanized the abolish movement and the Republican Party formed in that environment.  And it formed on a very strong platform of state rights, and the right of Wisconsin to nullify the fugitive slave acts.”

Mike then discussed his thoughts about the various arguments about nullification and centralized  power, “When you start opposing nullification, the only basis you can really  oppose it on is to say that when you challenge centralized power is wrong.  So to challenge centralized power in any circumstance is wrong. The people who oppose nullification find themselves in the position where they can successfully argue, ‘ yeah look, nullification was used in segregation’ but doing that, they also have to condemn the nullifiers who protected the rights of black people in the fight against slavery.”

During the question and answer segment, Roderick Clay asked the hosts about any real good articles involving Lincoln’s violation of the 10th Amendment.  Lesley Swann recommended for Roderick the book Lincoln Uber Allies by John Avery Emison.

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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Lambert, and John Michaels

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