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Michael Boldin is joined by cohost Nick Hankoff in Los Angeles to talk with John Logan Jones, a candidate for the State House in Maine, and Joe Wolverton, II a columnist for The New American Magazine. The topics range widely, including everything from federal involvement in education, food freedom, medical marijuana, and the coming of the drones all across the United States. Highlighted in this show is Wolverton’s report on an effort in Virginia to severely restrict the use of drones in that state. While not outright nullification, it’s a step towards it.

Lesley Swann drops in briefly to chime in with the guys on today’s Chick-Fil-A brouhaha all across the country.

John Logan Jones

Joining us on the show now is John Logan Jones, a 26-year old veteran who served as an Air Force Intelligence Specialist in the war in Afghanistan, and campaigning for State House Representative in Maine. Welcome to the show, John. His top issue is getting the federal government out of Maine’s education programs. He wants to talk about youth involvement, nullification, Aaron Libby etc.

Started out by getting involved in Young Americans for Liberty, which is not just for the young but also the young at heart.

Last year Maine passed a non-binding resolution declaring that food grown and consumed in Maine is not subject to federal regulation. He would like to see the same for education. Maine was recently recognized as a top state for education and they would like the feds not to screw that up.

Maine also has strong medical marijuana laws, which indicate that Maine feels the best prescription for their state is not what the feds dictate.

“Mainers are independent and they don’t like being told what to do from far away.” – John Logan Jones

Nick asked him to recite the 10th amendment in Pashtun, but unfortunately our esteemed guest could only laugh. His web site is

Joe Wolverton

Apart from his work as a journalist, Joe Wolverton, II is a professor of American Government at Chattanooga State and was a practicing attorney until 2009. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since 2000, Joe has been a featured contributor to The New American magazine (

Lasers can be attached to the drones that can detect genetic code, decipher what you’ve had for breakfast, and can see through walls. In less than a year the feds will have authorization to use these for full domestic surveillance. “They are so advanced technologically that there will be no escaping the eye of the federal government.”

There are also 4th amendment specificity issues as well as search and seizure issues.

Right now they aren’t weaponized, but they soon will be. Why do they need to know our genetic code? In some distopian future, will they try to identify a “patriot gene” and then take those people out?

Joe also spoke about Virginia Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) and the Virginia Chapter of the ACLU working together to introduce legislation to regulate domestic drone use in the state of Virginia. The legislation is being crafted now and will be introduced in the next few weeks. It was prompted by sheriffs in the state who were practically drooling to get their hands on drones and use them against the people of the state of Virginia as if they were enemy combatants on a battlefield.

Joe Wolverton mentioned that someone needs to step up and craft a drone nullification bill for the states.

John Logan Jones for Maine State House
The New American Magazine
Drone Use Increases Worldwide; Trade Rep Says Only the Guilty Need Fear by Joe Wolverton, II
VA Lawmaker to Introduce Domestic Drone Regulation Bill by Joe Wolverton, II

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Nick Hankoff, and Lesley Swann

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