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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann lead the charge on this Episode 60 of Tenther Radio.

In the news, Buffalo, New York is aiming at becoming the first drone-free city. Lobbyists are pushing for expansion of this robotic surveillance, but Lesley echoes sentiments of the citizen lobbyists saying, “Nullify the drones. Please!”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says what he means so he was forced to come up with a whole new word recently: gazillions. That’s how many times and how many ways the federal government claims they wiretap and spy on average Americans, according to the Senator who was in on a classified meeting.

Boldin and Swann moved the discussion to other secretive powers, this time in the NDAA. The Obama Administration won’t confirm or deny if Americans have been kidnapped under the Section 1021 authority, so is it a fair question to ask if Obama himself ought to be indefinitely detained for supporting al Qaeda rebel forces in Syria?

Mike Maharrey joined the show to opine on the hyped Paul Ryan vice presidential pick for Romney. While Maharrey did admit Ryan ”speaks the good Republican line” his votes tell a whole different vision for governing America from D.C. “The #1 thing people need to do is get engaged with state and local politics…because you can actually hold these folks accountable.” advises Maharrey.

Michael Boldin closed the show with a rant sermon declaring “No politican can be trusted.” Only Boldin can connect that lesson to cookies, making this one of the most scrumptious Tenther Radio episodes in weeks.

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, Nick Hankoff and John Michaels

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