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On this 65th episode of TRX, hosts Michael Boldin and John Lambert confront the Federal government’s worst crimes against the US Constitution yet.

The horrendous news of Congress extending the FISA wiretapping law and the President ordering a new cyber-security commission can hardly be escaped even by watching TV as now campaign talking points will be scripted into regular television programming to boost Obamacare!

“It’s the pot calling the kettle black all the time,” says Boldin as he and Lambert discuss hypocrisy of Republicans and Democrats over Solyndra, Guantanamo Bay, and more.

Tangerine Bolen, one of the lead plaintiffs against the Obama Justice Department on the case of the 2012 NDAA’s indefinite detention powers, joined the show.

“Last Wednesday we had one of our biggest victories for civil liberties since 9/11,” reported Bolen when referring to the permanent injunction filed by Judge Forrest. Not so permanent after all unfortunately, because just yesterday the Obama team got exactly what they needed after a federal appeals court judge suspended Forrest’s ruling.

Bolen not only spoke in great detail about Obama’s attorneys doing damage but the mainstream media as well, saying that the media is “sanitized and corporatized” and as a result “we’re all losing liberties.”

You will want to listen to this interview again and again for its chronicling of the journey to this point and where Tangerine Bolen sees the future of this case. For more updates visit

Nick Hankoff joined the show to share some thoughts from the Chatroom. Be sure to interact there next time to get the full TRX experience!

Is there an epidemic of bullying in America? Michael Boldin makes the case it’s an epidemic of government bullies referencing the Senator Rand Paul’s new book. Boldin’s analysis may shock you.


The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, John Lambert, Nick Hankoff

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