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Our heroes, Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann return to bring another thrilling and exciting episode of Tenther Radio number 62!

During the news segment, Tenther Dude (Michael Boldin) brought up an article written by David Welsh about  Arkansas placing medical marijuana on the November ballot.  Arkansas?  Yes, Arkansas!  Sign of the Apocalypse?

Followed up by Tenther Goddess (Lesley Swann) informing us about Thorium.  An Ohio group is considering a Tenth Amendment means in hopes in developing this new possible way of providing SAFE nuclear energy without having to deal with Unconstitutional Federal energy regulations.

Our heroes finished off the news segment by discussing Joe Wolverton’s new article about the Feds using elementary schools to train future Federal Agents.  Scary Thought!  As Tenther Goddess said, “This is one or two steps shy of ‘A Brave New World'”

Later, New Hampshire State Representative Dan Itse joined the conversation with the Tenther League.  He stated, “Two things I really want to see happen:  One, to see both houses of the legislature and the governor approve a sovereignty resolution.   We have not done that.  We got it out of the House last year…  And another thing I really would like to see happen is a revitalization of our state guard.

Itse expanded on the role of the state guard, “Say you have a national disaster and Uncle Sam comes along.  ‘I’ll solve the problem for you.  I will bring FEMA in.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, ‘Thank you very much, I appreciate it but we don’t need you.’?”

When asked about Obamacare, Itse answered, “Last term, we already stated in statues that we will not be creating a state health exchange.  According to the scriptures of the Obamacare bill, puts that onus on the Federal Government then.  It is a very expensive onus.  If every state does that, it becomes impossible fiscally speaking for the Federal Government to implement.

During the Question and Answer segment, Tenther Hound (John Lambert) joined the other members of the Tenther League to share some listener feedback.  Terry asked if there was a Tenth Amendment Center Chapter in Ohio.  Tenther Dude said no, but encouraged Terry to start the process of having one.  Ed then asked the League, “Why do people consider Tenthers as radical.  The conclusion was that people are so used to hand held by the government that not having that is a radical notion.  Jo then asked about term limits.  The Tenther League was skeptical, but conceded it might be better than what we have now.

Tenther Dude ended the show with a megawatt rant for the Ron Paul Revolution!



Southern Comfort

by David Welsh

Ohio group: Tenth Amendment key to energy independence

by Mike Maharrey

NSA, Pentagon Using Elementary Schools to Train Future Federal Agents

by Joe Wolverton, II


Dan Itse, New Hampshire State Representative

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