Everywhere I go, I try to build momentum for nullifying Obamacare. People have been surprisingly luke-warm to the idea, however, many say that it’s impossible as long as Kitz is in office. To this I say, Kitz is not a dictator! His veto(s) can be overridden (and even if they couldn’t, that would just mean that we need to go a different route). A ballot initiative, or a referendum can go around the Governor.

Many wonder why we should expend the amount of energy required to try and nullify ‘Obamacare,’ when we’ll still be in the same boat with ‘Kitzcare’ anyway!? This is a good question, and I hope that this article will convince anyone who has any doubt, that this is energy will be well-spent.

First, lets begin with the ethical reasons, that is, the reasons why we should do it regardless of what we actually get out of it:

1. Obamacare is usurpation. That is, it is illegal for the Feds to enact a law of which they have no authority to enact! And obviously, when we stand aside and allow Constitutional laws to be ignored, it weakens that law- and eventually totally obliterates it. If they can get away with forcing you to buy a product that you don’t want and don’t need… then who is to say they might not come down with something worse later? For people who support socialized healthcare, this argument also applies. If you want socialized healthcare, pass it locally, or amend the Constitution to make it legal!

2. Kitzcare is more representative of the desires of those who have to live under it. We are about 13X more represented in the State government than we are in DC. Although I disagree with socialized healthcare, it has been passed by Salem; and as an Oregon resident, I have the option to avoid it by either relocating, or obtaining a political position to change it (this is much easier done in Oregon than in DC).

Next, lets look at the pragmatic reasons- hopefully these will be even more convincing.

1. First and foremost… if Obamacare is defeated, Kitzcare is only temporary. This may sound like a bold statement, but it’s true. Universal healthcare is very expensive. Without massive tax increases, it is unsustainable. It’s expensive because it breaks the pricing system that exists in the free market. If Obamacare is not nullified, the feds will ride to the rescue with bailouts and Federal-matching funds. But those funds come from us (either from our Federal taxes or from our bank accts when the currency is devalued by borrowing and printing). Think about it… Oregon has no Federal reserve to keep an unsustainable system afloat until it crashes the dollar, we have to balance the budget; and when we have to cut every bit of fat from every sector, and still cannot afford to pay the state employees, Kitzcare will crash and burn just like every other socialized healthcare system in history. Only a National bank issuing “fiat” funny money could keep this system afloat for more than a few years.

2. The economic education and political persuasion needed to convince Oregon to nullify Obamacare will be needed anyways to repeal Kitzcare. All of the arguments about free markets, freedom, property rights, death panels, socialism are all dual purpose, hopefully once Obamacare has been nullified people will already be agreeing to repeal Kitzcare.

3. By the time the next election comes around, or the next lawsuit makes it to the “Supremes,” Obamacare may already have a dependent constituency that is too big to overcome. This is the way of all transfer programs. For example, Social Security steals about 13% of the average workers paycheck, and then gives them a pittance when they retire. The money is spent by government as soon as it’s collected, and they say that the reason they’re collecting it is because you might not save for your own retirement… I bet we would all save plenty if we had the 13% they confiscate back! Same sort of thing everywhere. People don’t save enough for emergencies because there is a government program for that – which takes the money we would use to do it, as well as the incentive. I don’t believe that the elections or the courts will save us, but even if they would it will probably be too late under normal circumstances The people who now expect to be covered will already be dependent upon government (the politicians discussing it now are already promising to replace it – not to simply repeal it anyway).

4. If enough states nullify Obamacare, it will collapse under its own weight. Then we would be able to opt out of Kitzcare (as I mentioned above) if we so chose to! According to Cato, if enough states simply refused to enact the state exchanges required in Obamacare, then lots of it’s tax provisions would fail to come into effect.. think… if a dozen states refused to allow it to be enacted at all!

5. Obamacare will break America’s bank as a whole. Think 16 trillion is a big debt? Wait ’til Medicare and Medicaid eat all of the budget. America is already on treacherous footing, fiscally.

I really hope that these reasons are enough to convince some who think this effort is irrelevant due to Kitzcare, and that we can unify to kill the socialized healthcare system before it is too entrenched to take on! Remember, Kitzcare would be harder to replace with Kitz actually in office, so let’s do what is doable and kill the monster in DC.

I am circulating this petition  (petition link is big red box on the right). Please add your name to it. If you want to do more, please shoot me an email at timothy.reeves@tenthamendmentcenter.com, and include “Nullification Volunteer” in the subject line. I will get in touch with you to let you know how you can help, and I thank you in advance!

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