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Welcome to Tenther Radio Sixty-Nine, Michael Boldin broadcasting live from the Los Angeles Studio (his spare bedroom) and joined this evening by his Texas colleague, Jason Rink from the Tenther Austin Studio.

Tonight’s thrilling episode, our heroes discuss Maine’s efforts to nullify Obamacare having Maine State Representative Aaron Libby sharing his efforts on this quest.  But first, Michael and Jason discuss the news.

Out of the gate, Michael and Jason discussed…


Michael Boldin threw a curve ball (high and outside), and brought in the whole Tenther Crew: Jason Rink, John Lambert from the Houston Studio, and John Michaels from the Yugoslavian Studio as they shared their thoughts on Tuesday’s Night Presidential Debate.

Maine State Representative Aaron Libby joined us discussing his efforts to nullify Obamacare in his state.  He introduced a bill last term which failed, but he is planning introducing the bill again which he feels this time will have better success since the Supreme Court ruling.

Jason Rink asked if Romney wins what will be the impact on the Obamacare Nullification movement.  Libby responded, “I will be worried if people were saying, ‘President Romney’ will take of it.  I think if we have the opportunity, we should be doing it and take charge of it.  Don’t push the job off on someone else.”

Later, Libby was asked about the problems with the federal government being limited in theory, but pass laws as they are supreme.  “Definitely, you could have just made the Constitution on line: the federal government is the supreme law of the land.  BOOM…The reason why they spent so many hours in that hot room, arguing and debating was to protect us.  They knew government could be evil.”

During the listener comments, Ted via Facebook stated, “Even though l don’t trust him to be consistent on this, the fact that Romney even nodded to the tenth amendment during the debate shows the progress we’ve made.”     Michael, John and John all shared their thoughts involving what candidates promise compared if they can do it Constitutionally or not.

The show ends with Boldin’s weekly rant suggesting that the Liberty Movement needs to move down a different path, a path we have been pushing here at the Tenth Amendment Center.  If you want to know the path… well, you just have to tune in!

Afterwards, some post show activity as Michael Boldin hosted Jason Rink, John Michaels and John Lambert for a round table discussion.



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Aaron Libby:

Campaign/Personal Site

            Referenced During Interview:

            Three and Counting: Another State Considers Obamacare Nullification  by Mike Maharrey

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