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Welcome to another exciting episode of Tenther Radio!  Episode #67 comes firing out of the gate like a Nolan Ryan fastball.  Skipper Michael Boldin is joined by All-Star MVP Lesley Swann.

Over on First Base, Michael and Lesley discuss the latest news while Michael was throwing weed (seeds?) around the baseball diamond.   New items discussed were: Polls showing Colorado public is supporting Marijuana Legalization, Michigan standing up against the NDAA, Raw Milk Farmer acquitted through jury nullification.

Lesley finished the segment by saying, “This is a huge country.  One of the reasons why America worked for a long time because it was so decentralized…Large geographically countries that have central planning government don’t work because it is physically impossible.”

Stand by over on second base, Joe Wolverton was the show’s guest.  He shared with us his latest insights of two recent articles he wrote.  Michael  asked Joe to explain what Tapwire is, and he answered, “…this company created a software called Trapwire.  This software enables the end user whoever that happens to be to obtain from traffic cameras and stop light cameras and persons using those video feeds to monitor.”

When asked about how far the government has gone to be able to track us, Joe responded, “I literally could spend every day chronicling the ways that the federal government now has under surveillance.  Trapwire, DHS, TSA all having the capability to remotely activate apps on your smart phone that will turn your smart phone into a roving microphone.  The invisible laser that can make a genetic map of your code.”

After the break, Lesley asked Joe about Feds buying off the local police departments.  Wolverton answered, “Absolutely!  It is the carrot and the stick.  These local governments as we know are going bankrupt every day.  The federal government holds out millions in grants.  The carrot of these grants are tied to the stick of consolidation and infusion.  They will happily give you the money to buy your own drone as long you permit DHS agents to come and be assigned to your local police department to make personnel and policy decisions.

At the end of the interview, Joe asked Tenther Radio to mention his Twitter Account.  Here is an example of one of his tweets:

Over by third base, Third Base Coach John Lambert was brought into the discussion.  He first brought up a Facebook Update from recent Tenther Radio Guest Tangerine Bolen.  Afterwards, Lesley and John discussed a comment from Mike in New Hampshire who asked about the Tenth Amendment and Nullfication is being mentioned state elections across the country.

The show ended with Skipper Michael Boldin having a rant with the umpire at home plate.  His issue with the umpire was his use of the Constitutional rulebook when it supported his views and trashing it when it doesn’t.

Latest Polling Shows Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative With Growing Lead
Progress in Michigan Against NDAA Detention Powers
Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification
TrapWire: The Federal Gov’t is Literally Watching Every Move You Make
Police Consolidation: The End of Local Law Enforcement?
His Twitter Account
Fully Informed Jury Association
More News on the NDAA Front

The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Lambert

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