I’m hearing a lot of ruckus about the presidential election.  People on the left blindly defending Barack Obama; people on the right blindly criticizing him.  I have heard plenty of stories on this topic.

Amongst them

“We need to do a recall”

“Sign this petition to secede”

“Obama is the savior of the middle class”

“Yes We Can”

I’m sick of it from both sides.

The truth stands alone.  Barack Obama is one in a long list of horrible presidents.  His total disregard for the Constitution and our liberty is without question.

And let’s be honest, Romney wasn’t going to be much better.

Since the election, Republicans and Democrats alike have done very little to advance the cause of liberty.  Both red and blue governors are still playing politics, even when the voters in their states have clearly spoken out on the issues such as healthcare, medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, indefinite detention, the TSA, and many other issues.

Pundits continue to regurgitate media propaganda, argue issues of who’s right and who’s wrong and why, and use outlandish insults and claims to generate buzz and inflate their own agenda driven ego’s.  The only problem is…they have no agenda.

Politicians are not interested in solving any problems.  The problems in this country are what keep the politicians employed.  Supporters from the left and the right bark a lot, but they never bite.  They are all cheerleaders for the media painted saviors.

Everyone has something to say about what’s wrong and how to fix it, but very few are actually doing anything about it.

In the 1960s, activism seemed to draw much of America, especially youth, into alternative ways of looking at life, politics, and the world. Demonstrations, teach-ins, and sit-ins occurred throughout the country as citizens became involved in civil rights, peace, environmental, free speech, and anti-war issues.  At the core of 1960s activism were sincere activists who cared about creating a better, more peaceful world.

Today, E-activists are talking a lot, but most of this isn’t much more than a glorified peanut gallery – comments and criticisms based on false information that is widely available and perpetuated through the internet.

There are some people, however, who are working for change.  People like Texas Congressman Ron Paul and State Representative David Simpson, New Hampshire State Representative Dan Itse, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and others.  These people are doing important things for the liberty of all Americans, yet all people seem to be talking about these days are their distaste for Barack Obama, their criticism of General David Petraeus, or their distrust of Attorney General Eric Holder.

People….none of this propagated media nonsense matters.  None of these issues about Obama’s birth certificate, or Romney’s taxes matter.  You are all hypocrites for pandering to these distractions while complaining about the state of affairs in this country.  Those who debate that the two issues are one in the same are full of balloon juice.

If you really care, if you really want to end this 175 year reign of tyranny.  Stop being a cheerleader and an armchair activist and start living your life like the free individual you want to be.  Don’t vote for change, don’t criticize policy or ask for permission, don’t even offer opinion on things you have absolutely no vested interest in.  Go out and do something about it.  Make some phone calls to your governor, or go to your state house and voice your concerns on the floor.  Start a nullification action in your state or local government. If you are going to be a cheerleader, at least be one for someone in your state or local government who is trying to fight for your liberty.  Most of all, stop listening, and talking about these federal rock stars who care nothing about you or your life.  They are causing you to be more of the problem, not the solution.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Tenth Amendment Center, click HERE.

John Michaels
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