I am a gunslinger, not a diplomat. My hand naturally went for my piece, as this was a literal slap across our faces.

A diplomat, would smile and try to work something out. Next thing I know, if the diplomat succeeds, there will be a UN rep at a desk next to the governor of Colorado(!) and some UN policy dictating to the state, using coercion and force if necessary to enforce it with ‘troops.’

Not me, not this time. The very idea that UN Warns States not to legalize Marijuana; uh oh, trouble…

I have worked with these dudes. I know their ways and never, ever turn my back to them. I learned to sit with my back to the wall, and sleep with one eye open and my piece under my pillow. These guys are relentless, ruthless, and will take all you have and with impunity, once you let them.

No, no, no. That they dared to openly speak is not good, but definitely worth noting.

I am taking note here, hoping to encourage you to do so too, and take actions, if not now, tomorrow!

Folks, be fearful of this open admonishment, actual attempt to dictate to a sovereign State via the DC gang…

What does this have to do with the UN? Each and every time the people give power to any political unit, entity or government, at any level, even locally, the criminal behavior and the phenomenon of moving toward demigod grows like moss on the north side of a rock, then festers and becomes something creepy like deep down in a cave and finally, emerges as a hardened politician living parasitically off the masses, doing bad things and working to enrich him or her self via power, sex and money.

I could quote Franz Oppenheimer classic work, The State, or Murray Rothbard on ruling class behavior, or A.J. Nock or H. L. Mencken (e.g,The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.), two classic columnist who defended liberty by exposing the State, but will leave that for another time. But take it for fact, hell, watch or listen to “How America Can Be Saved “ by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and learn some history of this collectivism beast take-over. He is a first level Austrian Economist and historian truly worth knowing. Wait, I will quote Nock,as he believed in and understood the crucial importance, even centrality, of economic liberty:

“If a regime of complete economic freedom be established, social and political freedom will follow automatically; and until it is established neither social nor political freedom can exist. Here one comes in sight of the reason why the State will never tolerate the establishment of economic freedom. In a spirit of sheer conscious fraud, the State will at any time offer its people ‘four freedoms,’ or six, or any number; but it will never let them have economic freedom. If it did, it would be signing its own death-warrant, for as Lenin pointed out, ‘it is nonsense to make any pretense of reconciling the State and liberty.’ Our economic system being what it is, and the State being what it is, all the mass verbiage about ‘the free peoples’ and ‘the free democracies’ is merely so much obscene buffoonery.”

HAVE you been to the UN? Have you associated with anyone who works there? They are an unelected, bureaucratic elite mob of raving collectivist, seeking to acquire wealth via the political means, living off the ‘envisioned saddles’ on the backs of the rest of humanity, that they can ride-e-e, loving the invention of spurs, digging them in, over and over again. (Paraphrasing Lincoln quote of all people…)

The UN does not and is not trying to reconcile the State and Liberty; it is exactly what Lenin said and the UN is the incarnation of such thinking today.

Talk about a Break Away civilization, here on Earth. They don’t pay taxes, they consider themselves way, way far above and more important, no longer like their families and friends back home and, get this, they generally ‘hate’ the USA—with good reason in many cases, as the DC gang goes global with Empiric aims— and they look forward to any and all ways to take the USA down, not a peg, but all-l-l the way to hell, if they could.

Right or wrong, the DC gang and the UN are working against the ideal and ‘blessings of liberty’ and we must needs take a stand, and it is the State level, nullification and other State-level actions discussed here at TAC that can save YOUR State, and maybe, just maybe, be part of a critical mass of rapid and successful change for betterment, away from the thugs in DC and their shadow-backers.

MY POINT? The US government FUNDS a major portion of the UN budget, an organization that is not about ‘blessings of liberty,’ but has been and is the ‘tip of the sword’ for spreading one or more versions of global control, collectivism in one or more forms of its ever dark self and ensuring that governments and group rights dominate and control all life and all resources,

They are the antithesis of why and what America stands for or did…

MY POINT? With the UN making demands for the DC gang of thugs to ‘take action’ against Colorado and Washington for having exercised their nullification rights in the area of marijuana, is the first sign of a dark storm, a dark force of globalist-types raising up—especially after Big O winning a second term—and use public peer pressure to take a stand against any State acting as if sovereign. That is, it is a Lincoln Moment, a second Stand against State Sovereignty, the civil war being the first, for making sure the Dream Constitution of blessings of liberty versus the REAL constitution, creating a door for European style centralized government and corporatist control was opened, and via THIS administration, to do what Lincoln did, crush those who are dissenting from massive and ever growing centralized power.

Gentlemen, ladies too, this is the distant sound of a shot-across-the-bow, the Siren song of tyranny a’coming…

This is yet another sign to take nullification and other 9th and 10th Amendment actions, for ANY State to interpose between the ever abusive brutes in DC, backed by directives from afar, following the dictates of non American, actually corporatist, first clearly identified by Eisenhower, those dark forces that even the insiders not reference even in a whisper for fear of retribution…

You can read a list of fine articles here at TAC, you can read or see any of Tom Woods excellent summations, writings, etc.; here is one . You can read constitutional lawyers on the pros and cons, Dr. Vieira, Fine or Whitehead come to mind. They have given me much to ponder and reflect on concerning these topics.

My goal here is to titillate, then beseech you, to throw out the ideas, first, that any UN support so opening offered, actually demanding action against State nullification, etc. is,  not a good sign, leads to BAD things; the forces of Darkness are gathering for an open attack. It is time to prepare, to accelerate and to become ever more self reliant; acquiescence is not the way, acting like a weak, oh-help-me dependent on DC handouts, will take you down faster than a head shot.

The legalization issue of marijuana has caused the UN to flex it’s socialist muscle, no wait, ‘fluffing’ its’ feathers, like a do-do bird, lots of noise and the answer must be:None! Zip! Nada! Zilch! 没有.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!

(catchphrase, movie “Lost in Space.”)

They claim authority based on the UN treaty, “The United Nations has declared Colorado and Washington in violation of international treaties following ballot initiatives that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. ”

They continued and stated, “…called for the U.S. federal government to “resolve the contradiction between the federal and state levels in the implementation of that country’s obligations under the drug control conventions” and demanded it “take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties within the entire territory of the United States, in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.”

There you have it. They are beseeching the federal government to take action and do so via the War on Drugs. The Nanny, unelected body of lots of countries demanding that the Nanny federal government, both based on ever intrusive collectivist policies, increasing coercion in personal and economic lives of each and every country around the world and, of course, the lives of the people.

Do they have any over-riding authority? Should Colorado and Washington quake for fear of an invasion, maybe supported by jack-boots over of DC?

First, their Legal authority? Again, None! Zip! Nada! Zilch! 没有.

Jack-boots out of DC? Always a possibility, but would be a clear act of treason by any and all in DC, or a coup d’etat – a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force. Coup. THEN, the State would have every reason to resist, calling out the militia.

Let’s leave that for now, noting that Dr. Vieira has covered this with due grace and constitutional considerations at newswithaview in one or more detailed articles.

Here at TAC the idea of a treaty superseding the Constitution has been discussed, legal opinions made and the conclusion is that any treaty has to be in an expressly granted area under the Constitution and is null and void in any over-reaching, none delegated power by the States to the federal government. Drug usage is but one example, from a list too long and too long allowed to fester as each and every excess has become a burden on a free state, something originally sought to be kept, to insure the ‘blessings of liberty,’ something clearly stated at all levels, State and federal constitution as adopted

Another issue that this brings forth for me. Here is the UN trying to become another layer of government, getting involved in the personal lives of people. What next? Martian accord? Galactic Federation involvement?

My point is that within a state, areas, regions, towns or whatever political area so desired, can and should resist any furtherance into their lives by any State, whether the federal level, State level or even county level. One does this by taking an active role, to the best of their ability and making sure that the protection on contract law, and the securing the ‘blessings of liberty’ stay foremost in the minds of any government entity or person assigned to provide a service. That any existing and any attempted expansion of taxation, regulation or encumbrances must needs to be stopped.

The UN in the source article, “…called for the U.S. federal government to “resolve the contradiction between the federal and state levels in the implementation of that country’s obligations under the drug control conventions” and demanded it “take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties within the entire territory of the United States, in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.”

Note that earlier I eluded to any government level as prone to expansion, taking the ‘blessings of liberty.’  The UN does it, the federal government does it, the State does it and the local town or county will do the same. The Federal or one of the 50 States, it is still a state government, with all the state’s propensities to expand, dominate and control, to use force and become parasitic, a la Rothbard reflections on ruling groups (Reference on request). So, do not think the State, that State nullification is the solution. It is a step in the right direction, bringing government ever closer to the actual people affected.

Therefore, individuals must realize that even a State government will become oppressive over time, given this propensity to Take, not Make, to Grow in power, to seek to give to special groups.

Keep the ball rolling at the local and State level, be aware and concerned that the UN has openly joined with DC to try and run your lives. Support the TAC, support War on Drugs, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), their letter to Holder, speak out, speak up, be active and do not cower before your adversary.  Maybe, even learn to ‘Aim small, shoot small.’ (From movie, “The Patriot.”

The sooner you take steps to free yourself, support nullification at the local and State level, the sooner we are moving toward liberty again in America.

Let’s Take America back starting tomorrow, one State, one county at a time!!




Noel Berge

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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