Hear ye, hear ye.   Pull your chair up to the edge of the precipice. I have a story to tell…

Nullification can imply, if not be the road to  economic and prosperity as an action plan, demonstrating that State Soverignty is good the well being of its citizens.  Putting together three of TAC’s 10th Amendment legislations, plus creating a Health Free Zone in your  State could be the basis for revitalizing and promoting economic and prosperity for all in the State!

Based on a recent article, Create the first Health Freedom Zone in America. a live talk show referencing a couple great health reform ideas, Mike Adams has triggered an Action Plan for any state to move toward sovereignty. I am calling it the 2+2 plan= State Economic & Prosperity Plan.  Whether your State is nullifying ObamaCare or not, this plan opens the health field to competition, and creates a mecca for bringing commerce and prosperity to your State.

The 2+2 is a core strategy for state sovereignty and freedom.  The ‘+2’ part of the plan is a one-two punch for health, wealth and prosperity, but not self-reliance and the full blessings of liberty for you and your progeny.  Together, they are almost invincible.

The first ‘2′ in the “2+2″ is based on sovereignty principles for any state, country or wannabe self-sustaining jurisdiction. The ‘+2’ is viable actions a state can take.  Both 2’s in the ‘2+2’ are things a state can do using legislation, the Tenth Amendment, honor ‘the blessings of freedom,’ and create a viable economy in these trying and surely to become darker times ahead.

There are two fundamental principles for creating a viable self sustaining, self reliant and self standing state:  gaining control of the Purse & Sword. This is based on the solid work of Dr Vieira, the constitutional lawyer who advances this theme (video).  TAC has been tracking this, the Purse idea via the Constitutional Tender legislation and the Sword via the Defend the Guard legislation tracking .

Then there is the illustrative ‘+2’ economic actions that would create jobs and a healthier and better quality of life for all your state’s citizens.  This is from some ideas on a recent radio broadcast by Mike Adam’s sitting in for Alex Jones – two steps toward state economic freedom and prosperity that stuck me as brilliant; a Eureka moment for me.  They provided an excellent action plan for augmenting the two principles for state sovereignty above, learned from by Dr. Edwin Vieira.

Another reason I like the ladder ‘+2’  of the State Prosperity Plan is that it addresses the real underlying issues of Obama Care nullification: it offers a proven alternative, a viable approach and way to re-frame and  to improve the health and well being of everyone!  Whether you nullify ObamaCare or not, following this part of the plan will offer your citizens and others a way to live better regardless of it, fuller and healthier lives, living longer and demonstrable in under 90 days in most cases.  Word of mouth, health improvements by family members and friends, will build a critical mass of ‘converts’ lowering health care costs and insurance costs and much more.

The Purse & The Sword is key and totally necessary for any new country, and any group that decides to become self sufficient. It is axiomatic, applies to individuals and to any group that wants independence and the right to live in freedom and liberty, in a like-minded group or community and fundamental democratic republic or any form desired for your phyle or mini state.  In this case, we assume the 50 State model as the unit, with counties often allowed to determine their own republican form of governance if any.

For any of the 50 states, returning to ‘constitutional money’ will accomplish this; i.e., gold or silver.    Dr. Vieira has developed the appropriate legislation, based on his extensive writings on the constitutionality of this action.  More so, his ideas on doing this via an Internet-based platform of electronic gold or silver money can be implemented in a matter of months.  This would allow a competing and alternative currency in daily use to compete with the federal fiat dollar, and during any collapse of the value of the dollar, provide a stable economy for those working in the State.

The Sword proportion requires that YOUR State takes back its full responsibility and constitutional role and responsibility of the militia as the Sword.  No only is the militia still under the governor of YOUR state, but it remains the vanguard, the principle behind any UN treaty attempts to negate the 2nd Amendment. As Dr. Vieira has soundly and solidly demonstrated, the state’s rights to have an armed citizenry is a State right, and can not be superseded at any time by the federal government or any international  organization, UN included.  Plus, it is the militia that provides the state its own ‘homeland security’ for emergencies and any threats from outside the state, that is constitutional, moral and based on principles of freedom, not coercion, defense, not offense, and represents Zero Aggression and self reliance.

Once a state’s sovereignty has control of the Purse and the Sword, they need to proceed or simultaneously have moved forward with the ‘+2’ side of the equation.  They need to strengthen, if necessary, their State’s economic base,  encouraging any industry development and employment opportunities.  If your state does not have a strong industry or economic basis, if you are suffering high unemployment, then encouraging new industry that is a key.

The ‘+2’ aspect can be done without the Purse & the Sword, and still provide an improved probability, a greater likelihood to prosper during the coming years and especially during any economic downturn due to federal debt, spending or dollar collapse.

This is where Mike Adam’s had a brilliant insight, the ‘+2’ part of the formula:  identify one or two high-demand new industries: Health Freedom Zone and Industrial Hemp farming.

You can  Create the first Health Freedom Zone in America. Here he points out the failings of the prevailing medical model and ObamaCare.

” Even as America has just been handed a ‘reformed’ health care monopoly, most Americans by now realize that the drugs-and-surgery approach to health care is a failure.”

It will raise health care costs, will not improve health and will cause new tyrannical ‘taxes’ to every America.

There is a role for the health care as an institution, but now what it currently does.  The prevailing health industry is good at trauma or catastrophic health practices, for emergencies, and necessary surgeries; it does not stand up well in delivery of healing, curing or reversing disease and illness.  The health industry today is about drug treatment and pain relief, surgery, chemo or radiation.

Mike goes on.

“Keeping people sick and diseased so that you can pump more profits into the pharmaceutical corporations just doesn’t work to keep any state (or nation) healthy; and in the long run, any state or nation that traps its people in a failed system of pharma-sponsored sick-care is doomed to financial failure.”

ObamaCare continues this model, transfers even more of our health to the insurance companies and takes control over our lives, creating literal ‘death’ committees for anyone over 65,  prioritizing health decisions for individuals at all ages based on scarce resource allocation decisions.

Then he suggested two ideas for any State to become an economic mecca, (The ‘+2’):   alternative health treatments and industrial hemp farming.

He points out two clear reasons for this:

  1. “It would openly allow naturopathic physicians and “CAM” practitioners (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) to treat (and help cure) serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. It would openly allow Chinese Medicine doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and other well-educated health practitioners to offer nutritional therapies to prevent and cure serious disease.
  2. At the same time, it would allow nutritional supplement companies to tell the truth about the truthful therapeutic effects of their products right on the product labels, so that consumers buying such products at retailers within the state could make informed decisions about how to prevent cancer with vitamin D, for example.

Creating a Health Freedom Zone, would be complemented with ObamaCare nullification, but would not depend on it.  The Health Freedom Zone would compete directly with any present health care system and the improved health and quality of life for those who choose this would be self evident. Secondly, families could get treatments using alternative practices.

Imagine this:  passing legislation to ‘Legalizing Healing.’ Currently Oklahoma and Arizona allow some alternative health clinics, but neither one has passed legislation to allow to practice competitive health now proven and used outside the USA for cancer and other treatments.

Whether any state nullifies ObamaCare or not, creating a Health Freedom Zone and  allowing alternative health care options would open competition in delivery of health services that are known to be effective around the world today.  there are issues to work out around insurance and the prevailing health model, etc. but these are addressable.

The second idea for ‘+2’ action is that YOUR State could become the first State to allow the growing and sales of industrial hemp.

Pass legislation to allow the growth and sales of industrial hemp.  TAC promotes this via the Hemp Free Act legislation.

This would generate an industry and employment opportunities across the spectrum from field work to machines, processing stage and sales.  This article, Hemp Production Should be Legalized points out, “North Dakota, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, California, Montana, West Virginia and Vermont have legalized cultivation of industrial hemp legal, but have not begun production because of pouting from the Drug Enforcement Administration.”  ‘Remember, that enough States do this and it will allow for the states to reach a critical mass of political will to negate any federal efforts; alternatively, they could use the Constitutional amendment process to make it so!

Realize that this is not about ‘allowing marijuana for health or ingestion.  It is about the totally legit and viable industry behind industrial hemp as used in a wide spectrum of other products and industries.  More so, industrial hemp is not and can not be used for personal ingestion as a drug!!  The prevailing bias against industrial hemp is a myth and it appears the federal government and special interest groups lobbying DC have perpetrated this falsity.



Noel Berge

The 10th Amendment

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