We are living in a world where our phone calls, our text messages, our emails, and our internet sites are being recorded and stored by the federal government. The surveillance state is growing. The next step in the destruction of 4th Amendment continues with the invasion of drones in US airspace. Drones are currently being used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia to combat terrorist. CNN and RT have reported that the success rate for targeted strikes against high level targets is 2%. If life is regarded with no value and death is regarded so frivolous that it can be played like a video game, how will our government treat our privacy?

We are searched without warrants or probably cause. The burden of proof to determine innocence is placed on ourselves. There is no liberty living in a world that assumes you are already guilty. Our only answer is to nullify. And Indiana now has a great opportunity to do so.

SB0020 has been introduced by Senator Tomes. If passed, this bill will amend the Indiana Code concerning criminal law and procedure by nullifying the use of drones. SB0020 summary of the law reads as:

“Use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Provides that a person who knowingly or intentionally uses an unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor a person, property, or thing without the written consent of the subject of the monitoring commits a Class D felony. Provides that images or communications obtained through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle are not admissible as evidence. Provides that a person who possesses an image or communications obtained through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle commits a Class A misdemeanor. Prohibits the use of public money to purchase an unmanned aerial vehicle.”

This law prohibits law enforcement personel from being exempt as a person controlling or owning a UAV. Additionally, it criminalizes the collection of intercepted communications, like “wire, electronic, or oral communications; or the capture, collection, monitoring, or viewing of images.”

Furthermore, SB0020 removes the admissibility of evidence in court if law enforcement try to use surveillance from an UAV. The evidence from law enforcement that is inadmissible “in an administrative or judicial proceeding” includes, “A communication or an image that is obtained through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle in violation of section 4 of this chapter.”

Also, it eliminates the construction of the UAS, unmanned aerial system. As defined by the DoD, this is a “system whose components include the necessary equipment, network, and personnel to control an unmanned aircraft.” SB0020 states, “a person who possesses a communication or an image… commits a Class A misdemeanor. This law disables anyone, especially law enforcement from creating UAS in Indiana. The UAS equipment include the relay and harddrive from the drone to the operator that can receive and store surveillance data. Criminalizing possession of images cripples the construction of a UAS.

SB0020 also defunds any drone programs with public money. “After June 30, 2013, a person may not use public money from any source to purchase or otherwise acquire an unmanned aerial vehicle.”

A class D felony defined by the state of Indiana holds a maximum fine is $10,000. “A Class D felony is punishable by a prison termranging fromsix monthsto three years or reduction to a Class A misdemeanor, depending uponmitigating and aggravating circumstances.” The max fine for a class A misdemeanor is $5000 and is “punishable by up to one year in jail.”


If you don’t live in Indiana, encourage your representative and senator to introduce legislation to stop drone use. You can find model legislation and track efforts nationwide HERE.

Track the status of Drone legislation in states around the country HERE


To help nullify drones in Indiana, contact the Committee on Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure:

Committee Chair:
Senator Long, District 16
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400
Email Senator.Long@iga.in.gov

Senator Wyss, District 15
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9451
Email: twyss@iga.in.gov

Senator Charbonneau, District 5
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9494

Senator Eckerty, District 26
Phone: 800-382-9467
Email: Senator.Eckerty@iga.in.gov

Senator Hershman, District 7
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400
Email: Senator.Hershman@iga.in.gov

Senator Kruse, District 14
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400 or 317-232-9443
Email: Senator.Kruse@iga.in.gov

Senator Merritt, District 31
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400
Email: Senator.Merritt@iga.in.gov

Senator Steele, District 25
Phone: 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400
Email: Senator.Steele@iga.in.gov

Senator Lanane, District 25
Phone: 800-382-9467

Senator Arnold, District 8
Phone: 800-382-9467

Senator Breaux, District 34
Phone: 800-382-9467

Senator Hume, District 48
Phone: 800-382-9467

Kelli Sladick

The 10th Amendment

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