HB13-1045, to stop NDAA indefinite detention is up for a do-or-die committee vote in the Colorado State House on Monday.

On Wednesday 02-13, State, Veterans and Military Afffairs committee had a hearing on the bill and decided to “hold the bill over” (delay a vote) on it until Monday, February 18th. In order for the bill to be passed into law, it will first need to get approved by a majority of that committee in their vote on Monday – so it can move forward to a full state house debate and vote in the near future.

Your help is needed to get this bill passed!

1.  Please CALL all the members of the State, Veterans and Military Afffairs committee. Strongly, but politely let them know that you want them to PASS HB13-1045 so it can get a vote in the full House. It is important that you mention to the committee members that you want them to “Vote on Principle not Party.”

(note: a phone call at this late stage, will have far more impact than an email, but it’s recommended to do both. You can even call after hours or over the weekend, so when they check voice mail first thing on Monday, it’s full of messages in support.)

Su Ryden, Chair 303-866-2942
(please thank Su for allowing this bill a hearing!)
Joe Salazar, Vice-Chair 303-866-2918
Tim Dore 303-866-2398
Jeanne Labuda 303-866-2966
Dan Nordberg 303-866-2965
Mike Foote 303-866-2920
Jovan Melton 303-866-2919
Ray Scott 303-866-3068
Steve Humphrey 303-866-2943
Dominick Moreno  303-866-2964
Angela Williams 303-866-2909

2.  Make your voice heard AT the hearing.  
Monday, Feb 18 HB13-1045 Prohibit State Aid To NDAA Investigations
1:30 p.m. Room LSB-A State,
Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee

3. If you’re on Facebook, join the Nullify NDAA group. Get in touch with others working on this issue. Let them know what kind of feedback you’re getting on calls and emails. And work together for liberty!


The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Jared Wright and co-sponsored by a Democrat, Sen. Jessie Ulibarri, would prohibit state agencies and employees, including the Colorado National Guard, from assisting the armed forces in investigation, prosecution, or detention of any person under section 1021 of the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.”


NDAA: Open Season for the Police State

Scary Potential in Sections 1021 and 1022

Note: while some believe that the 2013 NDAA eliminated indefinite detention, it does not.  Dianne Feinstein introduced a very weak amendment to 2013 – and it failed anyway.  2012 indefinite detention provisions remain in tact – and the Obama administration is aggressively defending them in court

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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