Last week, Senate Bill 250 (SB0250), the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, was heard in the Senate Judicary committee, where Brian Kelsey presented a number of false historical statements and convinced other committee members to delay a vote on the bill. (read about them in full detail here)

A new hearing has been scheduled – and a hearing for the House companion bill has been scheduled as well. Your phone calls are needed right now to ensure that this bill can move forward. If the bill does not get out of committee, it dies.

SB0250 was introduced by Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers, and HB0248 was introduced by Representative Sheila Butt. If passed, the bill would stop federal gun restrictions within the State.  It would nullify federal attempts to “ban, regulate, or restrict…ownership, transfer, possession, or manufacture of a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition” within the State of Tennessee.

Hearings will be held in both the House and Senate on Wednesday, 02-27-13


A phone call will hold a much higher value than an email.  But take whatever action you’re able to.  Or do both – CALL and EMAIL. It’s a good step to make calls over the weekend or in the evening too. Leave a message so their offices know first thing the next AM that a large number of people support SB0250 and HB0248. In your voicemail, make sure to ask that they call you back so that you can speak to the legislator or staff directly.

1. Please Contact the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee
Senator Kelsey: (615) 741-3036 or email:
Politely thank him for scheduling the hearing and allowing the bill to be debated and voted upon.  Encourage him to vote YES on SB0250 to move it to a full debate in the Tennessee Senate.

2. Please Contact the rest of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee
Strongly, but respectfully, let each of them know that you want them to vote YES on SB0250.  You want them to allow the full State Senate to be able to debate the merits of this bill.  You want them to have the courage to stand up for the Constitution.  Remind them that they swore an oath, and it’s their duty to stand help you preserve your right to keep and bear arms.

Sen. Doug Overbey
(615) 741-0981,

Sen. Stacey Campfield
(615) 741-1766,

Sen. Mike Bell
(615) 741-1946,

Sen. Lowe Finney
(615) 741-1810,

Sen. Ophelia Ford
(615) 741-1767,

Sen. Todd Gardenhire
(615) 741-6682,

Sen. Mark Green
(615) 741-2374,

Sen. John Stevens
615) 741-4576,

3. Attend the public hearings.
Be prepared to attend the committee meetings to show your support for the bill if you are in the Nashville area, or even to take off work and travel to Nashville to be present. We need a strong showing at both committee meetings.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013. (11:00 AM Central) – Senate Judiciary Committee
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 (3:00 PM Central) – House Civil Justice Subcommittee

4. Call the members of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee. Strongly, but politely urge them to vote YES on HB0248.
Rep. Jim Coley, Chair
(615) 741-8201,
Rep. Mike Carter
(615) 741-3025,
Rep. Vance Dennis
(615) 741-2190,
Rep. Andrew Farmer
(615) 741-4419,
Rep. Sherry Jones
(615) 741-2035,
Rep. Jon Lundberg
(615) 741-7623,
Rep. Mike Stewart
(615) 741-2184,
Rep. Rick Womick
(615) 741-2804,

5.  Report back with any responses or personal feedback you receive.
Post in the comments section below.  Or if you’re part of the TN 2nd Amendment Group on Facebook, share in detail there.


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