As previously reported by Kelli Sladick, HB 2175 was introduced to the Kansas Legislature to limit TSA searches. Probable cause would be the new standard before public officials or employees could legally touch “the genitals, buttocks, anus or female breasts of suchperson, including touching through clothing.” There are also protections for children, prohibiting agents of the state from removing a child from the physical custody or control of the parent or guardian.

On Tuesday, February 12, after the Federal and State Affairs Committee heard HB 2175, author State Representative Brett Hildabrand tweeted:

Following hashtag “ksleg” on Twitter, @bradc25 reported Committee Chairman Arleen Siegfreid sensed support for the newly proposed TSA regulations. Committee member State Rep. J.R. Claeys seems at least open to such ideas as he tweeted:

The environment at this stage is friendly to those skeptical and critical of the TSA, but passing this bill will only get harder as the political stakes grow. Republicans hold 15 of the 22 seats on the committee as well as super majorities in the Kansas Senate and House of Representatives but this ought not pass by party lines nor should anyone expect it to. The 4th Amendment does not belong to the liberals or conservatives. It belongs to Americans, or rather, it would if the TSA would keep its hands to itself.

Action Items

If you are a Kansas resident and would like to end the TSA, please contact members of Committee on Federal and State Affairs. Express your support for SB 2175 and politely, strongly recommend they vote in favor.

Representative Arlen Siegfreid, District 121
Phone: 785 368-7166

Vice Chair:
Representative Steve Brunk, District 85
Phone: 785 296-7645

Representative Larry Campbell, District 26
Phone: 785 296-7632

Representative J. R. Claeys, District 69
Phone: 785 296-7670

Representative Susan Concannon, District 107
Phone: 785 296-7677

Representative Ken Corbet, District 54
Phone: 785 296-7679

Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady, District 110
Phone: 785 296-4683

Representative Willie Dove, District 38
Phone: 785 296-7670

Representative John Ewy, District 117
Phone: 785 296-7105

Representative Shanti Gandhi, District 52
Phone: 785 296-7672

Representative Broderick Henderson, District 35
Phone: 785 296-7697

Representative Brett Hildabrand, District 17
Phone: 785 296-7659

Representative Michael Houser, District 1
Phone: 785 296-7679

Representative Robert Montgomery, District 15
Phone: 785 296-7677

Representative Emily Perry, District 24
Phone: 785 296-7669

Representative Mike Peterson, District 32
Phone: 785 296-7371

Representative Reid Petty, District 125
Phone: 785 296-7676

Representative Marty Read, District 4
Phone: 785 296-7310

Representative Allan Rothlisberg, District 65
Phone: 785 296-7653

Representative Annie Tietze, District 53
Phone: 785 296-7668

Representative Ponka-We Victors, District 103
Phone: 785 296-7651

Representative Troy Waymaster, District 109
Phone: 785 296-7672

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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