HB 3785, authored by Rep. Charles Perry (HD 83), has been referred to the Federalism & Fiscal Responsibility Committee. This bill nullifies Obamacare in Texas and interposes against taxes created or increased by it. It’s not captioned as such, but those of us who worked on this bill call it the “Texas Taxpayer Protection Act”.

Part of the bill states:

The assumption of power that the federal government has made by enacting the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA) interferes with the right of the people of the State of Texas to regulate health care as they see fit.

Also, the bill states the United States Supreme Court decision upholding the PPACA as a tax is invalid.  One of the reasons stated was:

the legislative intent was to enforce it as a penalty; the court chose to legislate from the bench by classifying it as a tax; this is a clear overreach of judicial power, as all legislative powers are vested in the United States Congress.


If you live in Texas:

Now is the time to call or email the reps listed below. First and foremost, we need urge Brandon Creighton to give our bill a hearing. Without a hearing, we’re dead in the water. While it’s fine for people outside his district to contact him, he will obviously give more weight to his constituents contacting him about it. If you know people who live in Creighton’s district (HD 16), please contact them and get them to call or email him. When you contact the other committee members, urge them to vote in favor of it.

Rep. Brandon Creighton, Chair, brandon.creighton@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-0726
Rep. Cindy Burkett, cindy.burkett@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-0464
Rep. Eddie Lucio, eddie.lucio@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-0606
Rep. Scott Turner, scott.turner@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-0484
Rep. Armando Walle, armando.walle@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-0924
Clerk: Amy Miller, amy.miller@house.state.tx.us, 512-463-786

If you live outside Texas, contact your local representative and encourage them to support similar legislation.

Thanks to Clint Stutts for providing the information.

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