Senator Boquist was brave enough to sponsor another nullification of Obamacare for 2013 (SB282).  We need to ensure this bill gets at least a hearing in the Senate.  In order to do this I am challenging all of the followers of the Oregon Tenth Amendment Center to follow my lead and write one letter to the editor and one letter to be sent to every Senator in Oregon (it is only 30, and you can send the same letter to all if you choose.  but make sure you send the letter to your Senator as a person to person email so he knows you are writing to him and him alone.)

A very close friend and political ally of mine once said there is no more moving story than your own personnal true story.  With that in mind I am asking my followers to do something that is uncomfortable for many liberty oriented individuals.  I want you to tell your story and how Obamacare directly effects you.

Does it make your care more expensive, is it making you lose your insurance or job, What effect is this having upon your family?  Since this will be uncomfortable for many of you I want to start with my story here (which has been sent to all of the Senators, and to the Oregonian.) 

I am of the opinion that with enough people doing this, the Senate of Oregon may act, and they may act decisively.  It doesn’t take nearly the courage as it did 2 years ago after all more than a dozen states are currently in some stage of nullification against Obamacare, and more are jumping on that bandwagon every month.

So here is my personnal story in the words that I sent to the Oregonian, and the Senate of Oregon…

“My name is Tim Reeves, and I’m a disabled Vet residing here in Hillsboro.
As a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, I undergo infusion once every 8 weeks
with a drug that holds most symptoms at bay.  This procedure was a $30
dollar copay each time I went in, this was reasonable.  At my visit this
past January, however, I was charged $750!  An astounding 2500% increase!
I had a hard time getting a straight answer as to what would explain the
increase in cost, but my sense of the matter is that it’s a technical
change caused by the implementation of the PPACA (Obamacare).

This $720 increase represents 24 hard-working hours of my labor.  How many
of my daughter’s play performances could I attend in those 24 hours?   8.
How many quarters of my son’s college would that have paid for? Well, 1.
How many weeks of groceries would that buy for my family? 3+.

My understanding, from what the President said when he sold this plan to a
hesitant public, was that there would be no changes to existing plans, and
that healthcare would be LESS expensive.  Too bad there is no treatment
for my MS using the free condoms and birth control pills that are now
readily available.

Interesting… the PPACA appears to be unconstitutional on a number of
different points that are too complicated to describe in a letter.  I am
calling on the members of the Senate of Oregon to pass Senator Boquist’s
bill SB282 to nullify the PPACA, on the principle that the PPACA is
unconstitutional, as I believe that the Constitution should be defended
from usurpation.

In Liberty,
Tim Reeves (State Chair)
Libertarian Party of Oregon,
(State Coordinator)”


Remember the public (in the case that one of our letters gets published) and the Senate is ,ore moved by your material suffering than by vague referrals to liberty, they want to hear concrete impacts upon you.  And especially for a letter to the editor, space is dear so be as concise as you can.  I look forward to reading your letters, and I hope many of you get published.

P.S. If you think of it, please BCC me on your emails to the Senate, I’d like to post them on the OTAC facebook page.

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