The State of Missouri is getting serious when it comes to protecting the gun rights of its citizens, and the legislature has proposed amending their State Constitution to show they that mean business.

Senate Joint Resolution 14 was passed by a landslide 29 to 2 vote on Apr. 4, and this proposed State Constitutional Amendment would provide ‘that a citizen has the right to keep and bear arms in defense of their family, in addition to the current rights in defense of home, person and property.’

The bill gets even better from there as it would not just re-affirm gun ownership rights for individuals but it would also remove ‘language stating that the right to keep and bear arms did not justify the wearing of concealed weapons’ and provide ‘that the rights guaranteed under this provision of the Constitution are unalienable. The State of Missouri is obligated to uphold these rights and shall under no circumstances decline to protect against their infringement.’

The language in this proposed amendment is clear that the State of Missouri must act decisively in protecting the God-given right to bear arms. It is unclear how this would exactly take shape during a full-scale federal ban and seizure of firearms, but this type of action is a decisive rebuke of the would-be gun grabbers and creates the legal requirement that the State defend against such acts. The message is being sent loud and clear to the federal usurpers that at least one state will be firmly on the side of the people should they overstep their bounds on this important issue.

Now that SJR 14 has passed the Missouri State Senate, it goes to the State House of Representatives where it has been read twice and now awaits further action. If the House acts affirmatively on this bill, it will be ultimately decided during the election in November 2014 by the voters whether the Missouri State Constitution is amended to protect their gun rights.


If you live in Missouri and would like to see the State House of Representatives vote YES on this bill, please contact your legislator and politely demand that they honor their oath to the Constitution and protect gun rights for Missourians. If you do not know who your State House Representative is, you can find that information by clicking HERE.

If you do not live in Missouri and would like to see if your state has something similar going through their legislator, please visit our legislative tracker which has all the up-to-date information on gun rights bills throughout the country. If your state does not have anything proposed yet, urge your State Representatives and Senators to introduce the Tenth Amendment Center’s model legislation – the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.