So what is happening in our education system? We reviewed a discussion of this topic with a representative of the American Principals Project.  And here are just some of the anti-constitutional and Orwellian goings on.

What is this Common Core about?

It is about the ideal of collective thought, your children will be “educated” not to their full free potential, but to become servants of the state.  They will be tested over and over again. The results of those tests will filed away and determine what their life will be.

How’d this happen?

Common Core (aka Race to the Top) presented the curriculum standards to the states while the legislatures were in recess and the fed “required” an answer in 2 months.  This did not allow the legislators to review, comment or even be consulted before the states had to answer.   And of course the Fed dangled a lot of money promises too.

States are Constitutionally granted right to Educate their citizens are denied.  Tenth Amendment is ignored.

The state must adopt ALL of the curriculum. Once adopted, no more than 15% in each area may be modified.  Teachers, Principals, nor Parents will have any say in the curriculum.  NONE.

Dismantlement of the First Amendment Rights

The right to privacy is in serious jeopardy with Common Core.  The state intends to keep records on the children from K – Career.  The Federal Government is claiming access to this information will tell them if the education system is working.  What it does do is deprive citizens of this country of any privacy at all.  Disciplinary Records, Health history, Family Income, Religious Affiliation, Parent political affiliation.  These will all be available to the state.  Your children become not human, just cogs serving the state.  Over 400 data points are expected to be kept on each child and specifically tied to the child by name (and probably social security number).  We understand the Educational rights and Privacy Act has been gutted to allow sharing all personal information across the Dept of Education, Dept. of Labor and the Dept of Health & Human Services and with private agencies.   A reminder, the Dept of Education is prohibited by statute to keep an education database, so they are pushing the states, by threat and money promises to give the information wanted.  So the stakes will be very high indeed.  Imagine applying for a job and the employer has more information about you than you do.  Do you remember your 3rd   or 6th grade actions and thought?  The database will.  And it will be available to those who ask (and any hackers too).

Don’t think you can opt out of this.  It is sweeping, they are intending to make all education enslaved to Common Core.  This means, homeschoolers, charter schools, private schools and we can expect “the Fed” the squash any attempts at education outside of the approved Common Core.

Common Core Violates Three Federal Statutes

#1 – General Education Provisions Act

#2 – Department of Education Organization Act

#3 – Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

Previous legislatures were so concerned about this they passed these laws to keep exactly this sort of dangerous anti-freedom teachings and slave state propaganda out of our classrooms.  They tried once before, in 1995 with a curriculum so vile and full of political correctness, the Congress defeated it 99-1.  Unfortunately we can’t expect DC to do the same again.  We must stop this at our state lines.


Well, they don’t know.  There will be teacher training, text books and instructional materials, the development of the new tests, new technology for the computerized testing.  Although all the tests are computerized, many must be hand scored.  One would suppose those people will want to be paid.   The Fed’s estimates are, as usual really low, around $5 per student they say.  A more reasonable estimate would probably be about $100 per student. ( Just look at the healthcare estimates compared to what the CBO is now saying.)

Who is writing this curriculum?

You should know who is behind the development of CC.  The national computerized tests are being created by Partnership for Assessment for College and Careers (PARCC) and SmarterBalance. The US Department of Education gave $360 million of your money to these two organizations.  Of course, once the money runs out guess who is left holding the bag?  Yes, the states.  We must here mention SmarterBalance is advised by none other than the well known socialist and founder of the Weather Underground (who were responsible for several bombings in America 1969- 75) Bill Ayres.

Conclusion – NULLIFY IT in your state

Our Founders and Framers gave us a Constitution that promotes freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and local control.  This new vision creates a command economy and unlimited government.  The children will be taught government has the right to direct them.   Future generations will be the servant of the state and society.

There are many stop common core organizations.  Find or found one in your state.  They are on facebook and have websites.  Help educate your state legislators and encourage them to withdraw from Common Core NOW.  Its your money being used against you.

Act locally, find and support the homeschool co-op in your neighborhood or faith community.  If you have a teaching talent, offer it.  Remove your children from grasp of the public school system.

Take up the mantle of the tenth amendment and reclaim your right to have local control of the Education of your children.  Nullify Common Core.  Become extra-ordinary again.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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