Recently, I was made aware of a story from somewhere in the middle of the country. A child had taken what appeared to be a weapon to school.  Another child saw it and began screaming hysterically, “A gun, a gun.” The usual overreaction ensued, and the child was suspended. The parents probably had to be evaluated by a local shrink for good measure.

A Christmas Story is an American classic, capturing childhood memories of growing up in the 40’s.  The child wanted a Red Rider BB rifle. He was 10 years old at the time. His father said he got his when he was 8 years old. The ownership of guns and training youngsters in their proper use was a staple of the American scene for many, many decades – in fact, a few centuries. There was a time in this country when the local police would come to elementary schools once a week to teach the children how to handle a shotgun or a rifle. There was a time when the elementary kids had a shooting club. One Friday a month, they would all bring their rifles to school, and they would set up a target range to do target shooting during PE time.  Nobody thought a thing about it.

What happened to us?

A recent story that appeared in the Tampa Bay Times headlined Firearms suspect held reveals how much things have changed. The “suspect” was a retired program director at an area youth detention center.  According to his wife, Pierre Diligent’s hobby for many years has been collecting antique guns. The feds were apparently tracking his purchases over the Internet. His beleaguered wife insists he is normal. But the AFT, assisted by the local constabulary, raided the house and took him away in cuffs, in front of his 12-year-old daughter.

“They are overreacting, and I felt invaded,” Diligent’s wife told the Tampa Bay Times. “I felt like I was taking a bath and somebody looked through the window.”

So, how do we stop this nonsense?

We must nullify unconstitutional acts perpetrated by the national government by refusing state and local cooperation. Once we do that, they will get no help from the local law enforcement. We must nullify this stuff, by town, city, county and state.

 You can find model legislation here.

If we nullify laws at all levels, the national enforcement of non-laws won’t go forward. Some 25,000 federal agents can’t force a country of 325 million people to comply, especially if they can’t get the locals to help. Many people ask, what can we do? Well this is what you can do, and you don’t have to travel across the country to do it. Act locally. Be the ONE who starts the wave of Liberty in your town, city or county. Go ahead and download our model legislation. Read and talk and get your local reps to read it and introduce it.  Get it done before you are the person the AFT is taking away because you kept that Hotchkiss model 1911, your great-grandfather brought back from the War to End All Wars (aka World War I).

The more layers of nullification, the more certain your natural rights are to stay in place, no matter what a self impressed greedy for power political class dreams up.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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