Recently, I had a chance to meet with a close family member.  I hadn’t seen him in seven years.  We were both raised by the World War II generation with the American values of God, Country, and Family.  When we have talked on the phone, I noticed a few remarks that seemed out of character from what I knew we both believed.  He is good and intelligent, and so is his wife.

We met for lunch and chatted away.  The next day at lunch again, we got to talking politics.  We agreed on many topics, as I expected.  When I found that his wife had voted for the current guy living in the White House, I left it alone.  Eventually,we began talking about the mandate that everyone had to buy healthcare or pay a fine.   As he is not young anymore, I mentioned that I was concerned about him not being able to get the medical treatments he might need.  He wasn’t worried.  He is sure he will get anything he needs.  I pointed out the model diagram that Europe uses to decide if you are worthy of getting medical help.  Having been a member of the healthcare profession, I thought  he might appreciate the report on it that was in Lancet Magazine some years back.

After further discussion, we got onto the topic of being nothing more than a number to the government, and the fact that they might (and probably will) eventually tell you, “NO!” and not care for you.  They’ll pay for the pain pills (such compassion) so you don’t suffer as you are dying.   He said that was just fine.  I admit, it surprised me.   I asked “It’s OK if your government kills you?”

“Yeah, I don’t think about it.  If it’s my time to go, it’s OK.”

I paused to consider this unexpected remark.  He then said, “I figure its God’s will.”

So, now he has said the government does God’s will in murdering (allowing them to die instead of giving needed procedures or services)  its citizens?  The thought in my mind was; so then it’s just fine if the government decided you wife should die? And fine to kill your son and your daughter too?  I refrained from saying it out loud.

I considered how we could have been raised so similarly and have ended up so different in our views of government power.  He’s lived a good life.  He and his wife have been married a long time and are still in love as the day they married.  They both worked hard, long hours, and paid off their house and cars and saved money. They have a comfortable nest and cash flow.  They lived the dream of the generation before us; that things should be better for the children.

I asked if they were at all concerned about the future of the country.  The debt the next generations are being saddled with, a debt they can never hope to pay off.  Did he think about the freedom that we had which already is not available to the new generations?  Did he think about the liberty the citizens of 20 years and beyond will not have.   “No,” he said, “I suppose you are right, I never thought about it.  I don’t worry about them, I live for right now.  Don’t worry about the past or the future.”

As I drove back home, I considered these and other remarks I heard.  I began to realize people really are asleep.   Is it a wonder that liberty that previous generations gave their lives and limbs for is vanishing without a shot?  We have nearly half the country on government subsidies and happy on the government plantation.  Then we have these who sleep. They have all the lovely chakis the previous generation bequeathed them.  They are happy and content, and don’t think about that those coming up behind them will never know the life of self-reliance and liberty they did.  This group of people doesn’t wish the failure of freedom.  They are not part of the active work of bringing Americans into submission to the government.   They represent the millions who just don’t think about the continual encroachment of the government into every part of our lives.

These are the folks we, who do care, need to reach – our friends and relatives who just aren’t paying attention.  Once I reminded them of what is going on, both said “yes,” what I was saying isn’t right.   Further discussion showed that their minds have been conditioned (by “entertainment” and the news media) to accept government interference in nearly every aspect of life.  They think in terms of deductibles, not total costs.  They think in terms of being allowed treatments.  Not making a choice with their physician.  These folks don’t notice all the government regulations and paperwork they go through to do the simplest things to improve their home, or buy a car or a weapon.  It’s just the way it is.  Just go along.

These compromised minds could make the difference in taking back the peoples rightful role as the rulers over government if we can wake them up.  We must reach them, shake them awake and get them into the loop.  Even if they don’t work actively, being awake and reminded of the life that is being deconstructed, will at least cause them to consider more clearly when they vote. When they are submitting to unlawful acts they might notice and not “go along” so easily anymore.

To quote a past first lady, “just say no”, we can bring the government back into its constitutional bounds if the majority of 325 million say it together.





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