Written By Francisco Rodriguez, Theile Riordan and Andrew Nappi

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center has launched campaigns to preserve the Second Amendment in all 67 Florida counties. This comes weeks after FLTAC launched county campaigns to Stop Common Core and preserve the educational rights of parents and states. These action campaigns are provided to give the tools to liberty activists for encouraging their Board of County Commissioners to support and pass the Florida Tenth Amendment Center’s Local Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.

Join Your County’s Action Campaign using the links below:

Read the Act Here: http://bit.ly/Local2A

*Lee County & Collier County have passed Second Amendment Preservation Resolutions, and although a step in the right direction, the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance extends even further to defend your liberty.

Alachua County http://bit.ly/Alachua2A Lee County* http://bit.ly/Lee2A
Baker County http://bit.ly/Baker2A Leon County http://bit.ly/LeonCounty2A
Bay County http://bit.ly/Bay2A Levy County http://bit.ly/Levy2A
Bradford County http://bit.ly/Bradford2A Liberty County http://bit.ly/Liberty2A
Brevard County http://bit.ly/Brevard2A Madison County http://bit.ly/Madison2A
Broward County http://bit.ly/Broward2A Manatee County http://bit.ly/Manatee2A
Calhoun County http://bit.ly/Calhoun2A Marion County http://bit.ly/Marion2A
Charlotte County http://bit.ly/Charlotte2A Martin County http://bit.ly/Martin2A
Citrus County http://bit.ly/Citrus2A Miami-Dade County http://bit.ly/MiamiDade2A
Clay County http://bit.ly/Clay2A Monroe County http://bit.ly/Monroe2A
Collier County* http://bit.ly/Collier2A Nassau County http://bit.ly/Nassau2A
Columbia County http://bit.ly/Columbia2A Okaloosa County http://bit.ly/Okaloosa2A
DeSoto County http://bit.ly/DeSoto2A Okeechobee County http://bit.ly/Okeechobee2A
Dixie County http://bit.ly/Dixie2A Orange County http://bit.ly/Orange2A
Duval County http://bit.ly/Duval2A Osceola County http://bit.ly/Osceola2A
Escambia County http://bit.ly/Escambia2A Palm Beach County http://bit.ly/PalmBeach2A
Flagler County http://bit.ly/Flagler2A Pasco County http://bit.ly/Pasco2A
Franklin County http://bit.ly/Franklin2A Pinellas County http://bit.ly/Pinellas2A
Gadsden County http://bit.ly/Gadsden2A Polk County http://bit.ly/Polk2A
Gilchrist County http://bit.ly/Gilchrist2A Putnam County http://bit.ly/Putnam2A
Glades County http://bit.ly/Glades2A Santa Rosa County http://bit.ly/SantaRosa2A
Gulf County http://bit.ly/Gulf2A Sarasota County http://bit.ly/Sarasota2A
Hamilton County http://bit.ly/Hamilton2A Seminole County http://bit.ly/Seminole2A
Hardee County http://bit.ly/Hardee2A St Johns County http://bit.ly/StJohns2A
Hendry County http://bit.ly/Hendry2A St Lucie County http://bit.ly/StLucie2A
Hernando County http://bit.ly/Hernando2A Sumter County http://bit.ly/Sumter2A
Highlands County http://bit.ly/Highlands2A Suwannee County http://bit.ly/Suwannee2A
Hillsborough County http://bit.ly/Hillsborough2A Taylor County http://bit.ly/Taylor2A
Holmes County http://bit.ly/Holmes2A Union County http://bit.ly/Union2A
Indian River County http://bit.ly/IndianRiver2A Volusia County http://bit.ly/Volusia2A
Jackson County http://bit.ly/Jackson2A Wakulla County http://bit.ly/Wakulla2A
Jefferson County http://bit.ly/Jefferson2A Walton County http://bit.ly/Walton2A
Lafayette County http://bit.ly/Lafayette2A Washington County http://bit.ly/Washington2A
Lake County http://bit.ly/LakeCounty2A

More Action Steps You Can Take Today!

  1. Share these with everyone in your groups, on your mailing list and in your social media circles.
    The more demand for action against the federal government’s unlawful firearms regulations is heard, the less our state legislators can ignore it. Use the buttons at the top of the article for easy sharing.
  2. Share the Florida Second Amendment Preservation Act with your Florida House/Senate elected officials. Meet with your elected officals and bring a copy of the Act, ask (firmly, but nicely) that they sponsor and support the Act.
  3. Visit our other action campaigns, visit: http://florida.tenthamendmentcenter.com/action/