The feds are a tough cut of meat, grilling wont do.

The feds are a tough cut of meat, grilling wont do.

The current Federal government has been consistently growing Larger, more corrupt, and more importantly interconnected with corporate sponsors, and union lawyers over the last century – and as a result, it is very resistant to change. It is layered with career public servants who work tirelessly to justify their rent-seeking  jobs, and to ensure they will be able to retire after a long career. There are career politicians who no longer live in their districts in any meaningful way as Congress is virtually constantly in session. There are armies of lobbyists whose job it is to bribe the legislature into spending constituent money on non-governmental (let alone enumerated) functions. There is a judiciary (appointed for life) who rubber-stamp? any actions of their bosses and hiring managers as “Constitutional,” to put any action of the Federal government above suspicion. There is a military police apparatus fighting for more laws to enforce, and are demanding a more obedient subservient populace. There is a military-military contractor complex that fights to ensure we maintain a military infrastructure around the world, so that we can respond to any action overseas even before the local military (to the extent that the local government even has a military in place) can respond.

With all these layers, and the structural problems of the disenfranchised state legislatures, and the Federal reserve (monopoly money) funding system, and the first cut at tax revenues that the Feds get, (as well as the perception in the states that somehow “federal tax money” is free money to be spent as desired as long as it’s offered as “matching funds” or if it is spent instead of the states very own money (as if it comes from a different place)… The structure of the Federal government is complex. Any attempts to change it over the last several decades have been simple and quick.

For instance, one method is to sue the feds, (in Federal Court) – this is how conservatives recently fought Obamacare. Twenty-six attorney generals sued the Federal government in hopes that the ‘Supremes’ would strike down Obamacare as “unconstitutional.” They reasoned that the Constitution could not authorize a law that would force citizens to buy health insurance. Of course the Constitution does not authorize such an absurd concept! In fact, it doesn’t even authorize the Feds to run medicare or medicaid! But the Supremes could not -and would not- find that as a reality, and the ‘Supremes’ are Federal Judges – they will not rule against their bosses. The Conservatives on the Supreme Court simply rubber-stamped Obamacare.

Another simple method that was attempted was to “throw the bums out.” Again, Republicans attempted to do this to defeat Hillary care in the 90’s. Of course, once the new legislators would get into office, they’d have to deal with the corrupt apparatus of DC, and in doing so they would themselves become corrupt. This attempted “quick fix” has been tried virtually every 2 years since WWI, and yet the corruption just grows worse.

And yet one more supposed quick method is/are… petitions. Many people will circulate petitions to ‘demand’ that congress subject themselves to the same treatment they subjected us to, or to make them start treating certain people in certain ways, etc. Petitions in general amount to ‘begging the bully to stop beating us.’ It is very inefficient, and rarely works. Also, for each liberty regained by using petitions, we lose 10 freedoms as we petition.

The truth is… all of the quickie ways of shrinking the leviathan have failed because they were repeatedly approached in the wrong way. If we were to look at this metaphorically, by relating it to a cook-out, the quick-fix methods inferred as/to above would be the grilling aspect of the cook-out. Grilling  makes things hot in DC for a short time, and they cook the meat all the way through, but they do not really alter the meat’s Composition. A steak would finish grilling with relatively the same amount of fat it had in it pre-grilled; the toughness is not improved, and the flavor imparted on the meat is mostly superficial (save for marinades and seasonings). They cook fast, but leave the meat much as it started. A tough cut will end tough, a fatty cut will end fatty, and a flavorless cut will end flavorless. Ever grill ribs, they end up tough, and difficult to eat. Just like government.

Now, in comparison, nullification is more like a BBQ. With a slow-cooking method the fat is rendered through the meat, imparting flavor and making the cut more ‘lean’ overall. By using wood smoke, flavor is imparted on the meat beyond even what is found in the cut itself. After spending 3+ hours slow cooking over smoke at a low temperature, the meat falls off the bone; Cuts that were once too tough and unchewable at the time of butchery, become savory and melt in your mouth . Indeed, when you BBQ ribs you test for doneness by bending a rack and making sure the cut literally falls apart. When you are willing to spend the time to prepare meat in this way, tough cuts like brisket or ribs become some of the best meats available. Pork is cuttable by simply grabbing it and pulling it from the rest of the meat… no fork, no knife, just flavor.

Nullification uses a continuous low-heat method in DC. By nullifying one issue at a time in several different places, nullification softens the resistance in DC – as it cannot be fought head on. No sooner has the DC gang addressed one state’s nullification of one policy, that 5 more states have nullified other issues.  No sooner has the Supreme Court thrown out and deemed one state law as “unconstitutional” when another state takes up the same issue from a slightly different tact; or that same state simply ignores the ruling and continues on as it was.  No sooner has one politician denounced nullification for one issue, when another politician has embraced it in support of his favorite issue.

From defending the Guard… to Medical Marijuana… to sound money… to preserving the 2nd Amendment… to opposing the NDAA indefinite detention… to opposing socialized medicine… the Federal government is being BBQ’d right now. As we speak, the fat is rendering through the brisket. The IRS scandal, the spying on Americans of the NSA, and the opposing of socialized medicine has weakened American’s traditional fealty to the militarized version we have been spoon fed over the last century. People are waking up from supporting a huge police state to enforce drug prohibition. The smokey flavor is incorporated into the meat slowly as militarized police are seen killing peoples’ pets and breaking down the wrong doors, and ask themselves “what is our goal with this?” Americans are waking up to the realization…. that whoever is in power – be it Clinton, Bush, or Obama – the overall policies essentially stay the same. The meat is getting tender. Sue them in court and the feds will rule against you, petition and they will say no – but if you nullify their laws, if you say no to them, and if your state/Sheriff stands with you against the leviathan, things will at least change where you live.

DC is a tough cut of meat, we cannot expect to eat it if we just slap it on the grill. But if we BBQ it, the meat will eventually just fall off the bones. Don’t lose faith, we are winning! The smoke in your eyes is just proof that your fire is burning at the right temperature, and the meat is getting tender.

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