The feds just don’t know when to quit.

Even as state after state tells the feds that their marijuana laws are null and void, the Obama administration still insists on blowing hundreds of millions of taxpayer money to deny the will of the people, and to crack down on patients and caregivers.

This is the legacy of Barack “I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users” Obama. My oh my, how six years can change a man!

Obama pursues ridiculous policies that he doesn’t even believe in because he needs to grease his cronies. After Obama sold his soul to the pharmaceutical industry to get them on the side of his health care takeover, he now needs to do their dirty work and strong arm their competitors. As usual, the corporations and big government win, while sick patients and the taxpayer lose. That’s medicine in America in a nutshell.

The good news is that crooks like Obama are losing.

The overwhelming majority of Americans agree that patients should be allowed to use marijuana medicinally to relieve pain and suffering. They dislike Obama’s backward, knuckle-dragging, science-denying, draconian drug policies. That will not change no matter how many resources he squanders foolishly in his last, pathetic gasp to retain the unconstitutional powers that the war on drugs gives him and his benefactors.

The more the feds act this way, the more credibility they will lose. Already despised by the American people, they are truly sealing their fate. The feds spent hundreds of billions of dollars, propagandized the masses endlessly for decades and exercised an inordinate amount of brute force in an effort to win the so-called drug war. But because the states have appropriately resisted, flexing their authority to legislate on a matter that constitutionally remains within their sphere, none of this matters. This clearly demonstrates that the feds are powerless when the states stand, up regardless of how feverishly they act.

The feds will inevitably lose the drug war. Now, they are only alienating even more people than they already have and sending them toward freedom-promoting organizations like the Tenth Amendment Center. Our sane, compassionate, sensible and constitutional stance toward medicine is much preferable to the American public than Obama’s wasteful, invasive, callous approach.

The feds have been backed into a corner. They’re addicted to the power the war on drugs gives them. They are power junkies, and they’re always looking for their next fix. However, the jig is up. The public knows the truth about marijuana. They know the feds have lied to them about marijuana having no medicinal value, and they know the feds are causing sick people to suffer needlessly through their war on drugs. Refusing to roll back their brutal, unconstitutional policies will only cause more people to turn against them.

So keep up the bad work, feds. It makes our jobs as nullifiers that much easier.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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