We at the Tenth Amendment Center are well aware that it has taken a long time for us to lose our liberty, and reclaiming it will be no easy task. Recently, we have suffered some set-backs at the state level. Unfortunately, many of our so-called public servants do not take their oath to the Constitution seriously and show nothing but contempt for the people who they are supposed to be representing.

The first disappointment came at the local level. We have covered the heroic patriots in Oscoda County extensively in their fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment on here and our national blog. They went from township to township attempting to get the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act passed with several successes. They tried to build upon those successes and replicate it at the county level. Unfortunately, they were not very well received by the County Commissioners.

After a contentious hearing on Aug. 13, the resolution was rejected. One Commissioner, Larry Wilson made the motion to adopt and support the resolution, but there was no second and the rest of the commissioners were against it. The rationale they used to reject it was redundancy. They alleged that since they already took their oath, they didn’t feel it was necessary to send a strong message to the federal gun grabbers. The majority felt it wasn’t in the jurisdiction of the county commission to stand up for the Bill of Rights. These are rather pathetic and craven excuses considering our freedoms are in such jeopardy. It is worth noting that everyone on this board was a Republican. I will address the problem with these wolves in sheep’s clothing later on.

While this outcome was disappointing, it isn’t without a silver lining. In addition to exposing the folks who voted ‘NO’ against this common sense measure to protect our rights as oath violators, they also received some rather even-handed and favorable local news coverage. The actual county commission meeting was also posted on Youtube where it has received an impressive 1,600+ views in less than a month.

Oscoda County patriots are also inspiring the rest of Michigan to get out there and get active to protect our freedoms. They had township level success, and the idea is spreading throughout the state! Delta, Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Crawford, Alpena and Jackson Counties have passed Second Amendment Preservation Resolutions. Joyfield Township of Benzie County recently passed a resolution as well! Local civic action will make it impossible for the feds to enact their tyranny, according to the great freedom-loving judge Andrew Napolitano. That is why it is so important for us to fight. Even if we lose, we inspire others, expose evildoers and create new leaders that are desperately needed to restore the Republic.

I am also happy to report that I am getting the 2nd Amendment Preservation movement off the ground in Oakland County. The more rural, less densely populated areas of Michigan have led the way in this fight, and I’m trying to catch Metro Detroit up with them. From my own experience thus far, my township (Waterford) has posed no barriers in allowing me to express my 1st amendment right to petition the government. I will have my day in front of the township council either in late September or early October. More details forthcoming!

Another recent set-back has occurred at the state level. I am referring, of course, to the Medicaid Expansion debacle. In spite of unprecedented resistance from Republican and Tea Party constituents, the Republican-led House and Senate both voted to implement Obamacare and expand Medicaid. This is an incredibly disappointing event that completely desecrates the idea of our representative Republic. This is naked collusion done for the benefit of the political class and special interest groups at the expense of the taxpayer. This could be the most atrocious, heinous, egregious act in Michigan political history.

There is a silver lining to this though from the perspective of a freedom activist. There are many libertarians, tea party conservatives and even some traditional Republicans who are completely fed up in lieu of Medicaid expansion. They are not buying the nonsense from Gov. Snyder that they’re implementing Obamacare to make a ‘healthier Michigan.’ The Republican establishment have made it abundantly clear that they do not care about anything but their own power and pocketbooks, and everybody knows it. The emperor wears no clothes, so to speak. This situation has made many politicians show their true colors and thus make themselves vulnerable to primary challenges.

While they’ll have more money than us, they won’t have the support of their constituents. Their constituents are well-educated on the negative effects that Obamacare will have on their family’s health care. All the propaganda in the world won’t change that. If we work hard and work smart, we can send a strong message that playing footsie with the Obama administration will be a political suicide pact from now on. We can re-make the Republican Party with people who will actually stand up against federal tyranny rather than acquiesce to it.

While there have been some potholes on the road to liberty in Michigan, there are many encouraging signs across the country that should keep us motivated and working hard. All over, the fake Republicans are exposing themselves as they feel the heat from their peeved constituents. We have John McCain looking especially disgraceful as he was caught playing poker during crucial war hearings. We have Boehner and Cantor joining Nancy Pelosi in supporting illegal, aggressive war to help Obama’s buddies, Al Queda. It is becoming more glaringly obvious that both parties are exactly the same and offer nothing but more debt, more war and more power-grabs for themselves and their cronies.

The rubber is hitting the road in the Republican Party. While people like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Justin Amash wow us with their tremendous and effective advocacy for Constitutional government, we have the Boehner’s, Cantor’s and McCain’s of the world doing everything they can to destroy the Republic. The choice could not be more obvious. We just have to make ourselves as accessible as possible and empower activists with the quality information and tools they need to salvage their party. We have the truth on our side, but we need to get that truth out to the Republicans so they can make the correct decision.

Public opinion is also coming around to our side. Americans have hated the Congress for many years, and it isn’t because they’re a ‘do-nothing’ Congress like the propagandists in the mainstream media want you to believe. Americans hate the Congress for the treasonous, evil, unconstitutional acts that they have perpetrated on us and the rest of the world. Americans also hate this Syrian boondoggle that the corrupt establishments of both parties are trying so very hard to push on us. Americans are fed up and hate Washington D.C. more than ever. That isn’t changing no matter how many lies Dictator Obama reads off the teleprompter.

Reclaiming our freedom isn’t going to be easy, but we can already see so many chinks in the enemy’s armor. Becoming discouraged and stopping now is exactly what the tyrants want. Instead, we must double down and refocus our efforts. We need to become more hardcore and less tolerant of being tread upon. If we let Snyder and his gang of crooks get away with destroying our healthcare on behalf of Obama, they’ll know they can get away with anything. Saying ‘oh well’ and going along to get along is what we cannot afford to do. The future of the great state of Michigan is lost permanently if we allow ourselves to be stabbed in the back without any repercussions. Now is the time to get serious and start sending these louts to the unemployment line en masse!

And lets not forget what could have stopped this mess dead in its tracks: nullification. Our four step plan to defeat Obamacare was unfortunately not utilized by our spineless, good-for-nothing state legislators. If it had been used, we wouldn’t have had to spend the last several months fighting Obamacare. We could have been fighting the various other illegal usurpations of power being pushed upon us by Obama. If we do take out the trash in the state legislature, they’ll be replaced with real conservatives who have the gumption to fight back against Obama and defend freedom. If we’re willing to do what is necessary, we can make the Republican Party respect state’s rights rather than continuously roll over and lick the boots of the tyrant illegally occupying the White House.


If you want to find out who voted to destroy your health care, click HERE to find out which Michigan House Reps and State Senators voted ‘YES’ on HB 4714 to sell you and your family out to Obama.


We are re-launching and re-formatting the blog in a few weeks. Instead of longer monthly updates featuring all of the recent happenings throughout Michigan politics, we are going to feature significantly more content. 2 to 3 blogs per week at the minimum. Helpful tools for spreading the word and for political activism will be posted frequently. We are also going to have more bloggers from throughout Michigan reporting on what is going on within their neck of the woods. We are also working on getting interviews with primary challengers for the GOP members who voted for or otherwise supported Medicaid expansion. Our social media operation is also going to be built up and promoted more. We’re also going to accompany our blog posts with memes to try to drive up traffic through Facebook and Twitter. Those are just some of the things we’re working on at the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center! We aim to take the Tenth Amendment movement and the nullification movement to the next level in Michigan. Please help us by getting involved.

Shane Trejo


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