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From Tenther Radio, Episode 116

If we are tucked away safe inside, we don’t tend to worry much about a major rain storm. Sure, we live in a low lying area we might have some concern about flooding, or maybe a mud slide. But in general, we sit inside safe and dry, and go on about our business.

But sometimes, major rain can cause major problems that we aren’t even aware of until it’s too late. Imagine if you have a little leak in your roof – say just the size of a nail. Water trickles in, but nothing you would ever notice. Just a steady little flow. The water puddles in your ceiling. The puddle grows. But you are blissfully unaware until…

WOOOOOOSH! The ceiling gives way under the weight of the pooling water and all of a sudden you have a deluge in your bedroom.

Trickle down can cause big problems.

Well, we have a trickle down problem when it comes to overreaching federal power.

We tend to focus on the big things the federal government is doing. Obamacare. Indefinite detention. NSA spying.

But there is also an insidious trickle down effect from all of this unconstitutional activity in D.C. and it’s starting to come to light.

Last week, we told you about organizations representing state and local police departments throwing a fit because the Department of Justice decided not to challenge marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

This week, we witnessed a similar panic attack from state and local cops at the prospect of the legislature overriding Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act. State and local police in the Show Me State claim the law will lead to bloody chaos in the Missouri streets. They claim it “would hinder local law enforcement’s ability to enforce existing laws.”

Of course, that’s the point – block law enforcement in the state from enforcing federal gun laws because they violate the Second Amendment. But these cops claim it will also hinder them from catching murderers, violent thugs and marathon bomber. They essentially say it will lead to bloody chaos in the Missouri streets.

The implication here? Unless St Louis police continues to help the federal government violate the Second Amendment every single day, your life could be in danger.
This is a propaganda scare-tactic of the worst kind.

So, what’s the deal here? Why are we seeing local and state police getting all worked up about blocking unconstitutional federal acts?

As the old saying goes, simply follow the money.

State and local police rake in all kinds of cash from the federal government, mostly in connection with the unconstitutional war on drugs. They get all kinds of federal grants, and they also cash in on asset seizure. According to a Report from the Institute of Justice, Missouri law enforcement cashed in to the tune of $34,462,153 in forfeiture from 2001 to 2008. They ONLY get this money if they do the bidding of the federal government.

So they do.

The power the federal government has seized from the states and the people is trickling down to state and local law enforcement.

This isn’t about stopping criminals. It isn’t about your safety. It’s about keeping the tap open so these agencies can continue to buy tanks, military grade weapons and fancy body armor. One of the trickle down effects of unconstitutional federal acts – a police state.

That’s yet another reason to just say “No!” to federal overreach. We need to Nullify them!

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