It is very easy to get sick and tired of American foreign policy these days.

Since 9/11, America has been drawn into a countless number of foreign wars with nothing to show for it other than disastrous results. Troop suicides stand at an all-time high, the economy is in the tank, the Middle East is completely on fire with Islamic radicalism running wild, and our precious freedoms are being eroded because of it. This is a truly dire situation that shows no signs of slowing down.

In lieu of what is going on, the question we must ask ourselves is: how do we stop this? We’ve seen large scale demonstrations and mass protests to end some of these wars, and it has not done anything to change the path America is going down. The federal government is so corrupt that they refuse to listen to the will of the people. These unfortunate circumstances make it clear that we need to move at the state level, as Thomas Jefferson suggested, through nullification.

To that end, the Tenth Amendment Center has crafted model legislation called the Defend The Guard Act to help citizens fight back and protect our nation’s veterans.

The Defend the Guard Act has been designed to nullify federal overreach into the use of a State’s National Guard Troops. We DO NOT intend to make America weaker with this act. On the contrary, we do not want our heroes to sacrifice in vain. The Defend the Guard Act protects your state’s National Guard from being used in unconstitutional wars and other needless, superfluous entanglements.

Nothing else has worked to stop the federal juggernaut. They refuse to respect our veterans and continuously send them around the world to participate in squabbles that our country does not belong in. The Defend the Guard Act can slow down the federal government’s warmongering because 28 percent of deployments come from the National Guard. That means we can stop a great deal of their mischief through state action. Take the Defend The Guard Act to your state legislature immediately to put a wrench into the federal government’s illegal war machine!

For model legislation and legislative tracking, click HERE.