Being a former leftist – I used to refer to myself as a communist when I was younger – I’ve often found it hard to run fundraising campaigns here at TAC because I became instinctively opposed to the idea of receiving a “handout.” And while I know that my philosophical opposition is towards government “gifts,” – I still focused my energy on free exchange, building and growing an online store.

We just launched our newest version of the TAC store this week. You can see it here:

We have expanded our ability to accept new payment forms – including AMEX and Bitcoin. We have the ability to have easy recurring memberships on a monthly basis, for those who can only help us in small amounts rather than our regular membership packages. See the new monthly memberships here: And, in general, we’re adding all kinds of features and functionality which is considered standard in today’s ecommerce world, including online account access, updating your profile, securely storing a payment method, and the like.

But, in order to really have the impact that we need and are able to have here at TAC, I know that I need to ask for financial help in the form of donations. It’s taken a few years to get here, and I’ve got a long way to go – but I’m learning to simply ask for help. Over the summer, I made a desperate plea for funding and you responding in numbers bigger than we’ve ever seen. Last fall, I sent out our first major fundraising letter and it yielded good results.

And this past weekend, I started the process of doing the same for this Christmas season’s fundraising drive. Because of the great donation success over the summer, we don’t need a huge amount to pay for what’s on deck – including a ramp-up in our efforts to nullify gun control, NSA spying and the Fed – but we do need a significant amount. It’s $20K total. Anything over that will allow us to expand our work with ad campaigns and more, and even start building up reserves, too.

One thing that’s important to me in all this – is to make sure that TAC doesn’t go down the path that virtually all organizations do. What’s that? Not caring about the people who support us. I don’t often donate to other groups, but I have over the years, and I feel like the most I ever get it a form letter with a stamp instead of a signature. There’s no personal connection at all – I’m treated like a number and nothing else.

While I don’t have the time to have personal phone calls or email conversations with every one of you who supports our work – I do want to be involved as much as I can, personally. One of the ways that’s most satisfying – and difficult – is as I’m sending out our end-of-year fundraising mailer right now, I’m not using a label printer, or fully photo-copied letters, or a signature stamp or anything of the like.

I personally address every envelope by hand. I personally write a name at the beginning of every letter by hand. I personally sign every letter by hand. And by doing that, I feel at least a small connection in knowing and personally communicating with the people who put their money on the line to support our work. It might not seem like much, but to me, even after my wrist feels like falling off after writing thousands of envelopes over 2 weeks – it’s extremely fulfilling.

So, if you’re one of the thousands who get a letter from me this Christmas season, please know that I’m very grateful. And even if you’re not financially able to send in a check this year, send me a short letter in return. I won’t be able to send a letter in reply, but I personally open all the mail this time of year and read everything you have to say.

If you don’t get a letter this year – please accept my apologies as I try to send as many as I’m physically able to. Bottom line, every amount of help you’re able to give us – is something everyone here is extremely grateful for.

Hopefully we’ve been doing a good job, so when TAC receives your gift without selling something, we’ve still truly earned it.

PS You can help us out today. HERE:

Michael Boldin

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