Could Florida end nearly all federal gun laws in the Sunshine State? If a new bill introduced into the statehouse passes, that may come to pass. Florida Tenth Amendment Center outreach director spoke with Gary Franchi of the Next News Nextwork about HB733.

State Representative Dane Eagle has introduced House Bill 733 into the Florida statehouse. This bill is commonly known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act. The legislation being considered in Tallahassee would forbid any state agencies from participating in the enforcement of any federal laws related to firearms. This prohibition would cover both present and future laws passed in Washington, and may provide a path for other states to follow suit.

Rodriguez said, “the federal government depends on states to help enforce its laws” and by using “the ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ a legal doctrine, well-established, that we don’t have to carry out as states federal laws that violate the Constitution.”

Francisco laid out the strategy, “we have a two-tiered approach in carrying this out, first we limit the actions of the state and local agents with the federal government; second the federal government can’t enforce its laws effectively without the state’s resources.”

Some research has shown that seven out of ten times state and local governments and law enforcement assist federal agents in enforcing unconstitutional federal anti-Second Amendment gun laws. HB733 would stop that state and local assistance making federal enforcement almost impossible.

William Kennedy

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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