The Washington State House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would take action against the inflationary regime of the Federal Reserve and get the state on the road back to sound money.

The bill, HB2542, was introduced Jan. 20 and states that “it is the intent of the legislature that gold and silver be recognized and used as legal tender in the same manner as federal reserve notes for the purposes of taxation. The legislature intends to provide the use of gold and silver as a choice and does not intend to compel a person to tender or accept gold or silver. It is the further intent of the legislature to exercise its constitutional authority and recognize gold and silver coins, precious metal liquidation systems and contracts as an alternative competing currency.”

At this point, the bill is sponsored by Reps. Condotta (R-12th District), Shea (R-4th District), Overstreet (R-42th District) and Taylor (R-15th District). It is expected to be moved into the Government Operations & Elections Committee shortly, where it will need to pass by a majority of the committee before it can receive a vote from the full House.

The bill would open up competition for federal reserve notes in the state of Washington. In lieu of the rapidly depreciating nature of their money and the potentially hazardous nature of their so-called Quantitative Easing policies, many Americans have begun to look for currency alternatives. This is where the Constitutional Tender Act comes in.

The bill authorizes the state to give and receive only gold and silver for tax collection and the payment of debts. This is the first step of the state toward re-adopting sound money. This teaches the citizens of a state, in this case Washington, what money should be. Since the state would only take gold and silver for payment, it would be incumbent upon them to hold at least a small amount of metal for the purposes of doing business with the state.

HB2542 will put Washington back on the trajectory toward sound money. Our entire monetary system wasn’t ruined in a day, and it won’t be fixed in a day either. This bill makes it harder for the Federal Reserve to keep people in the dark as to what the real money is. This bill also takes practical, constitutional steps toward restoring sound money in America. Any Washingtonian who cares about the economic well-being of their family, friends and community should take a great interest in this bill and see that it is passed.


For WA Residents: Contact your State Representative and respectfully demand that they support and co-sponsor HB2542 to legalize Constitutional Tender. Contact your State Senator and demand that they introduce companion legislation as well. You can find their contact information by clicking HERE.

For Other States: Check our legislative tracker to see if your state has introduced similar legislation. If they have, urge your state representatives and senators to support it. If not, call your legislators and politely urge them to introduce our model legislation, the Constitutional Tender Act. You can find your legislators contact information by clicking HERE.

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