HB5217, a bill in the Connecticut house that would put severe restrictions on the use of drones by law enforcement within the state, was introduced this year. It has been moved to the Joint Committee on Judiciary where it will need to pass through a majority before a vote can be taken in the whole house.

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS – It doesn’t matter where you live in the state, please follow all these steps to support HB5217.

1. Call the Committee Chairs, Eric D. Coleman and Gerald M. Fox . Strongly, but respectfully urge them to move this important bill forward to a vote in their committee. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Coleman: (860) 240-0528
Fox: (860) 240-8585

2. Call the rest of the committee members. Again, be strong, but respectful. Urge each of them to take action to move the bill forward and vote YES on HB5217. If they do not commit to a YES vote, ask them why. If they’re undecided, let them know you’ll call back in a few days. Many of the committee members share the same phone number so make sure to be specific about which legislator you are asking for.

Paul Doyle (D) Vice Chair (860) 240-0475
Matt Ritter (D) Vice Chair (860) 240-8585
John Kissel (R) Ranking Member (800) 842-1421
Rosa C. Rebimbas (R) Ranking Member (860) 240-8700
Al Adinolfi (R) (860) 240-8700
James Albis (D) (860) 240-8585
David Baram (D) (860) 240-8500
Jeffrey Berger (D) (860) 240-8500
Cecila Buck-Turner (R) (860) 240-8700
Beth Bye (D) (860) 240-0428
Christie Carpino (R) (860) 240-8700
Don Clemens (D) (860) 240-8585
Patricia Dillon (D) (860) 240-8585
May Flexer (D) (860) 240-8585
Daniel Fox (D) (860) 240-8585
Mary Fritz (D) (860) 240-8500
Terry Gerratana (D) (860) 240-0584
Bob Godfrey (D) (860) 240-8500
Minnie Gonzalez (D) (860) 240-8585
Auden Grogins (D) (860) 240-8585
Ernest Hewett (D) (860) 240-8585
DebraLee Hovey (R) (860) 240-8700
Kevin Kelly (R) (800) 842-1421
Themis Klarides (R) (860) 240-8700
David K. Labriola (R) (860) 240-8700
Brandon McGee (D) (860) 240-8585
Michael McLachlan (R) (800) 842-1421
Edward Meyer (D) (860) 240-0455
Bruce Morris (D) (860) 240-8585
Anthony Musto (D) (860) 240-0498
Emmitt Riley (D) (860) 240-8585
Tom O’Dea (R) (860) 240-8700
Arthur O’Neill (R) (860) 240-8700
Joseph Serra (D) (860) 240-8585
John Shaban (R) (860) 240-8700
Richard Smith (R) (860) 240-8700
William Tong (D) (860) 240-8585
Joe Verrengia (D) (860) 240-8585
Toni Walker (D) (860) 240-8585
Stephen Walko (R) (860) 240-8700
Jason Welch (R) (800) 842-1421
Elissa Wright (D) (860) 240-8585

3. Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Ask if they’ve had a chance to review the legislation and what their opposition might be. Comment below or contact us at http://ask.tenthamendmentcenter.com with any information you get.

4. SHARE this information widely. By facebook, twitter, email, and more.

5. Write a letter to the editor. Look up your local newspaper and submit a letter to the editor voicing your support for HB5217. It is essential for CT citizens to be protected from invasive drone spying. Passing HB5217 will make that happen.

6. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below

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