President Obama has been strutting around the country recently talking up Obamacare. Apparently, he believes that it has been a success that the American people should thank him for. He repeatedly points to the 7.1 million new enrollees in his onerous federal health care scheme as evidence of its success. Although the claim itself is highly dubious, let’s assume that it is legitimate for the sake of argument.

That number of individuals being forced into Obamacare is not good news for the American people. It means that 7+ million were forced to buy insurance from a government controlled monopoly of insurance companies. Obamacare is a recipe for disaster, no matter how hard Obama tries to put a happy face on it.

Obamacare means less doctors, more patients, more federal intrusion, more fees, more taxes and more bureaucratic hoops for everyone to jump through. It means that the quality of health care will eventually decline and shortages will occur, just as happens with any “managed” market. The crippling impact that will affect countless American families. It’s unless we wise up now and quickly work to nullify Obamacare.

We are not powerless to stop what is happening to our health care system. Although the administration declares that his health act is the ‘law of the land in the feds claimed that the fugitive slave acts were the law of the land, we still have the recourse to fight back. State and local resistance provides us with a mechanism to roll back Obamacare.

The Tenth Amendment Center has devised a four-step solution for Obamacare. It would reject state-run exchanges, reject Medicaid expansion, protect residents in your state from federal health care mandates and challenge the IRS’s illegal Obamacare taxes. This plan works because it doesn’t rely on the federal government to get its own act together. Instead it denies the state-level compliance the federal government counted on to make the system work. Without the cooperation of state agencies and the application of state resources, the system will collapse under its own weight. That’s real repeal – not empty congressional promises.

State legislators are also much easier to influence than their federal counterparts because they are shielded from the Washington D.C. sewer. They are also less likely to have a six or seven figure salary waiting for them from their cronies in the private sector if they get voted out. That means we can more easily pressure them and force them to gut Obamacare. Otherwise, their political lives are toast. The Republic was designed by the Founding Fathers to facilitate this type of resistance. We are reviving it.

Reaching out to your state legislators today and ask them to utilize our four-step plan to defeat Obamacare. Do it now! Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now! Your health freedom truly depends upon it.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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