Here is a brief roadmap of some major projects we’re working on.

1. Expand our nullify Obamacare campaign.
We’ll be updating our state anti-obamacare legislation, improving our legislator and activist handbook, and more. Please also congratulate Michael Lotfi for moving up from his state chapter coordiantor role in Tennessee to this national campaign lead role with the TAC. He’ll be joined by John Niewicki who previously headed up a campaign known as the Right to Refuse Amendment. John told me he’s realized that federal solutions are futile – with the real chance for victory being in the states. He’s right, of course!

2. State of the Nullification Campaign
This is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but haven’t had the funding to pull it off (primarily because it takes quite a bit of my time to do something like this, and I need some additional $$ to pay people to do my day-to-day tasks). While we’re not flush with cash by any means, we’re getting closer to our fundraising goals (here), and this is something I’m committed to getting done. I expect it to be a full-length paper, available as a free download. We’ll also send out an introduction to it as a direct mail piece to a select group of TAC supporters as our budget permits.

3. Expand our 2nd Amendment Preservation Campaign
Similar to #1, we’re going to put more time, resources and energy into pushing states to nullify violations of the 2nd Amendment. Scott Landreth – is what I personally consider a household name, even if you don’t know it. Scott has been with us for a while now leading our Ohio Chapter and knows the Tenther message and strategy better than most (even me, sometimes). He’s stepping up to lead this effort on a national level. We’ll also be updating our legislation to help accomplish more strategic goals in 2015, and will have a full, downloadable, handbook to accompany our model legislation. This will explain the legal basis, the process, the strategy, and more.

4. New website design, better integration and navigation.
Our website has served us well for nearly 8 years now, but it needs some improvement. Primarily, navigation and integration. Right now, each section of our website acts as a fully-independent installation of wordpress – with search, store, and other functions all needing to be connected where they aren’t. I want you to be able to easily find the content and information you need – and now that’s not the case. We’ll also upgrade the design to something cleaner, faster-loading, and better across all devices.

5. OffNow campaign. Take it to the next level.
This is not in the definite column yet, but I’d really like to make this happen. We had great success in the first 6-8 months at – and the sky is the limit. I’d like to update our legislation from what we learned this year, put together a guidebook, and expand the reach of what we do there to cover not just NSA spying, but all forms of police state activities, including all federal surveillance, drone surveillance and more. It’s a big project, basically growing a sister organization focused on these specific issues, but it’s important to make it happen.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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