The debate is on over an Arizona measure on the ballot that could increase resistance to unjust federal power in the state.

Prop. 122 would amend the Arizona state constitution to assure that the state’s right to deny support and compliance with federal law is recognized.

Director of the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter Sandy Bahr recently squared off against former Arizona state senator Jonathan Paton in a debate on Prop. 122 for ‘Politics Unplugged‘ on 3TV Phoenix.

During the debate, Bahr parroted the typical federal supremacist talking points.

It is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and basically would allow the legislature to pass a law to say something they don’t like is unconstitutional and then prohibit any level of state government, city government, county government from working cooperatively with the federal government to implement these laws.

Sandy Bahr’s ignorance of the anti-commandeering doctrine is typical of nullification deniers and other enemies of state sovereignty. Even after Paton attempted to explain the court cases to her during the debate, she refused to listen and just continued her spiel. She claims that Prop. 122 ‘leaves checks and balances up in the air,’ whatever that means. In reality, it codifies an important underutilized check and balance that has been underutiliz into the Arizona state constitution.

While Paton talked about stopping Obamacare, NSA Spying and other abuses coming down the pike from the federal government, Bahr talked about protecting legislation that could still be enforced even if Prop. 122 is passed. She also talked about protecting wolf populations, and derided her state’s political process as well. Apparently she thinks that a cabal of bureaucrats in Washington D.C. know what’s better for Arizonians than they do themselves.

In describing Prop. 122 and how it could safeguard the freedoms of Arizona residents, Paton said, “When the NSA or federal government wants to take away your basic civil rights by investigating you without due process, a community like Madison, Wisconsin said we are not going to use our resources to assist them in doing that. That applies with [Prop. 122] as well.”

Paton has it right. Prop. 122 is clear step in the right direction toward limiting unwarranted federal control. That is why Bahr and her federal supremacist cohorts out there are so worried. They don’t want the people of Arizona, or anywhere else for that matter, realizing that they will be just fine without Fedzilla.

That notion may scare certain people, but all progress and change is seen as frightening to some. Prop. 122 will, if enacted, be the first step toward a freer, more independent Republic, regardless of whatever baseless fear mongering is perpetuated by its disingenuous opposition.

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