A colorful and humorous video is being circulated to promote Prop. 122, a ballot initiative going to Arizona voters in the Nov. 4 election that can make it easier for the state to deny compliance and material support for unconstitutional and unpopular federal programs.


In the video, a spendthrift power-crazed Congressman is lured to what he thinks will be a fundraiser with bigwigs and fatcats. Instead, he given an intervention by taxpayers where it is made known that he has a big problem. Eventually, the Congressman admits he has a spending problem – before begging for money in his next breath.

To put the Congressman in line, the interventionists all decide to pass Prop. 122. The video goes on to excellently explain the anti-commandeering doctrine and how it can be used to protect Arizona tax dollars from being squandered on federal boondoggles, and does so in an entertaining fashion that can be effective in getting the message out to the general public.

As over the top as this video may seem, it is not far from the truth. Congressman have grown accustomed to operating at huge deficits and take it for granted that the people will always be around to fit the bill. Prop. 122 threatens to reverse that trend, and restore an important check against overwrought federal power.

Alone, this measure will not be enough to stop federal tyranny. However, it can blaze the trail for a national movement of states reasserting their rights and removing themselves from the federal teat. If or when that happens, it could be game over for the federal government and its schemes.

For more information about Prop. 122, visit YesOn122.com and the Ballotpedia page about the proposition.

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