COLUMBIA S.C., Jan. 22, 2015  – Today, the South Carolina legislative session’s first committee hearing on a bill to block Obamacare in the state was filled by supporters, with a number of people overflowing into the hallway.

House Bill 3020 (H. 3020), the ACA Anti-Commandeering Act from Rep. Bill Chumley, would be a significant blow to implementation of Obamacare in the state if passed. It addresses large areas of Obamacare and bans state participation or enforcement. While not the not the John Calhoun-style nullification of South Carolina’s past, some call it a “nullification in practice” because, as Judge Andrew Napolitano has noted, passage in multiple states would “gut Obamacare” and have the effect of bringing the federal act down without an act of Congress.

Today, as the 2015-16 legislative session is getting underway in South Carolina, the Insurance Subcommittee of the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee held a 9am public hearing on H.3020, and even with short notice, supporters came out in full force.

Rep. Chumley presented the bill to the committee and spent time responding objections from two members of the committee who appeared to be using bombast rather than legal reasoning in much of their questioning. One member said that he would “be a slave” if it weren’t for the federal government, suggesting that opposition to Obamacare was in the same league as supporting the reprehensible practice of slavery.

But supporters weren’t deterred, and inside sources say that the overall position of the subcommittee was positive.

“Rep. Chumley did an an excellent job presenting the anti-commandeering legal doctrine to the insurance subcommittee. We had a number of activists showing up to support the nullification of Obamacare at the meeting, and we plan to have even more people show up for the next meeting, which should be scheduled shortly,” said Evan Mulch of the JBS.

A similar bill gained significant momentum in the last legislative session before a behind-the-scenes parliamentary maneuver by establishment republicans and democrats prevented the bill from getting a full vote.

The process is just underway, though, and the bill is expected to have another hearing in the next 2-3 weeks.


In South Carolina, support this bill by following all the steps at THIS LINK

All other states, take steps to block Obamacare in your state at this link.

Michael Boldin

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