Oklahoma SJR23 would create a mechanism in the state constitution to reject the use of state resources to support federal acts. If passed, it will go directly to the voters for approval, bypassing the Governor’s desk.


1. Call the committee chair. Politely urge him to move the bill forward in their committee and to vote YES to move SJR23 forward. Call him, it has far more impact.

Ron Justice (405) 521-5537 justice@oksenate.gov

2. Call all the other committee members. Strongly, but respectfully, urge each of them to vote YES to move SJR23 forward.

Eddie Fields (405) 521-5581 efields@oksenate.gov
Rick Brinkley (405) 521-5566 brinkley@oksenate.gov
Nathan Dahm (405) 521-5551 Dahm@oksenate.gov
Kim David (405) 521-5590 david@oksenate.gov
Kay Floyd (405) 521-5610 Floyd@oksenate.gov
AJ Griffin (405) 521-5628 griffin@oksenate.gov
Clark Jolley (405) 521-5622 jolley@oksenate.gov
Bryce Marlatt 405.521.5626 marlatt@oksenate.gov
Frank Simpson (405) 521-5607 simpson@oksenate.gov
John Sparks (405) 521-5553 sparks@oksenate.gov
Rob Standridge (405) 521-5535 standridge@oksenate.gov

3. Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Make sure to follow-up. If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If they say no, politely ask them why. Get the information from them and contact us.

4. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks.


5. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below

Kelli Sladick